Ronaldo: I woke up with three blondes on Euro 2016 final day

The Real Madrid star has revealed his somewhat unique preparation for Portugal's Euro 2016 final triumph against France in July

Cristiano Ronaldo has taken time out his busy schedule of scoring goals to share a story of another form of success.

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The Portugal captain explained just how little pressure he felt ahead of his country's biggest ever international game, by joking he woke up beside three blondes the morning of the final.

The 31-year-old was forced off during the final after picking up a knee injury, but his team-mates went on to secure their first ever major trophy.

And not only did Ronaldo direct traffic from the touchline, he also helped his team by relieving pressure with his 'nothing to lose' mentality.

Speaking to France Football, he joked: "When I woke up on the day of the final I was with three blondes in the bed.

"No seriously, I woke up aware that it was a special day, that we were going to play the final of the Euros in France against France, but I still slept eight hours.

"Of course I also speak in the Real Madrid dressing room, but with Portugal I had the feeling of doing a specific job, because the players see me more as a leader, someone who helps them and protects them.

"I did not feel as much pressure as, for example, with Real Madrid in the Champions League final [in May 2016, against Atletico Madrid]. In Portugal, you know you have nothing to lose."

Ronaldo, who is his country's leading goal scorer of all time, also told how Portugal's positive attitude through the tournament came from the sense that they weren't expecting to win.

"At Real Madrid, you have to win, while in Portugal, who until this summer had not lifted a single title, there is no such urgency," he continued.

"I could have woken up in the middle of the night because of the anxiety, but it was not like that. When I went down to breakfast I realized immediately that the atmosphere was very positive."

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"In the Real Madrid dressing room, before I went to the Euros, there was a bit of joking and a lot of my colleagues said to me: "Cristiano, you're going to have a long vacation this summer!".

While he never managed to get his long holiday, he was certainly still having some fun.