'If he wants to lie down, he should go to bed!' – Mexico's Layun slams Neymar theatrics

Neymar Brazil 2018Getty Images

Mexico defender Miguel Layun has slammed Neymar for his antics during Brazil's 2-0 win over Mexico on Monday

Layun was involved in one particularly controversial incident with Neymar in the second half of the World Cup last-16 encounter.

The Mexico defender appeared to stand on the Brazil star's ankle when he was already down on the sideline, causing him to roll around in agony. 

Though there was contact, suspicions that Neymar was making a meal of the challenge were given credence when he appeared to be uninjured just minutes later. 

Layun in particular was far from impressed with Neymar's display. 

"This is football. If he does not want to be touched he should try doing something else," the defender fired when asked about his clash with Neymar. 

"He is more concerned about being on the floor. If he wants to lie down, he should go home and sleep.

"He was down and I touched him looking for the ball, I know all about his talents but I also know his tricks."

"We know Neymar and he likes to be the protagonist on and off the field. It’s obvious," Layun said.  

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"Anyone who has seen the game knows exactly what I’m referring to. He’s like that. His personality is like that. You have to leave that aside and wish him the best like always.

"I think he’s a player with a lot of talent who hopefully one day dedicates himself to playing a little more. The truth is he be more spectacular if he dedicated himself more to playing football instead of … doing other things.

"Ultimately, I think that’s what’s important. I think maybe he was a bit worried and that was his way of getting rid of the stress he had."