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How to play the Goal World Cup Fantasy Football Game

2:20 PM GMT 23/05/2018
GFX Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal World Cup 2018 kit
The likes of Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar and Salah will be gracing Russia in June and you can create an all-star team for a chance to win great prizes

It’s quick and easy to create a winning World Cup Fantasy team. Your challenge is to pick the best XI based on your knowledge of the players, teams, and groups in the tournament so you can score as many points as possible.

Just download the app, then login with Facebook or register your details.

You can take on other Goal fans in our Global League or create a mini-league and challenge your friends to play. There are prizes to be won too so don't miss out.

When you first open the app you will be invited to Create a New Team. Select the World Cup competition from the list and an animated guide will give you an overview of the game before taking you to the Pick your Team screen.

You have a starting budget of £75M to spend on 11 players, you must pick players to make a valid formation (4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-5-1 etc). The app will let you know if your formation is valid as you create your team.

To begin, you can filter players using the Player Position filters: GK, DEF, MID, FOR.

When you click a position tab the players will automatically be organised by the country they represent. You can click on the SORT button to order players Alphabetically, by Country, by Points, Value or Form.

Simply click a player’s name to get their stats for the tournament or click on their value to add them to your team.

At the top of the screen in the info bar, you can track how much you’ve spent and how many players you’ve chosen. It will also tell you if you have selected enough players for each position to make up a valid formation.

You can check your team formation at any point by clicking on the pitch icon.

Points are awarded based on real-life matches. For example, if you have selected an England player in your team, you will be awarded two points if that player starts the game.

Making transfers is a vital part of the game as it can mean the difference between scoring a few points or lots of points!

Goal Fantasy Football is different from other Fantasy games, because we let you make changes to your team in between games. If you use your transfers wisely, you can have at least 13 players scoring each round instead of only 11!

For example, if you have picked Harry Kane in your team and England kick-off at 1:00pm, you can transfer him out at 1:45pm and replace him with Cristiano Ronaldo, whose Portugal team will play in a match that kicks off later at 7:00pm. You will still collect all the points that Kane is awarded as well as any points awarded to Ronaldo.

For every round of games your team team will be allocated a fixed number of credits, you can view the schedule from the in-app Match Centre. Usually, you will receive three free transfers with the option of purchasing a maximum of one additional transfer (see app for details).