Five things we learned from Gfinity FIFA Series February

Gfinity FIFA Series
Joe Brady
Last weekend marked yet another FUT tournament at the Gfinity Arena and yet another PlayStation player winning a grand final

January was jam-packed with FIFA 19 tournaments, and EA is showing no intent in slowing down as February kicked off with a bang thanks to the Gfinity FIFA Series.

PlayStation's number one seed Nicolas 'Nicolas99fc' Villalba won the first Gfinity FIFA Series last month and returned to London with hopes of adding to his trophy collection.

However, the Argentine fell to a shock defeat in the PlayStation semi-finals and a new champion was crowned in PSV's Stefano 'Pinna97' Pinna after another exciting tournament.

To catch up on everything then went down last weekend, here are Goal's five biggest takeaways...

Stefano Pinna finally wins a grand final 

It has been a long and difficult year for Pinna97, who has repeatedly finished as a runner-up. The Belgian made a name for himself when he came second to Mossad 'MSdossary' Aldossary at the FIFA eWorld Cup, and a couple of weeks ago in the FUT Champions Cup, Pinna97 fell to a shock defeat by Hasan 'Hasoo' Eker in the PlayStation final.

Yet, Pinna's time has finally come as he not only smashed the PlayStation final but became just the second PlayStation player to win a cross-console final in the last two seasons with a huge victory over t Michael ‘MegaBit’ Bittner - taking home $8750 and 850 Global Series Points.

This victory will come as a huge morale boost for the PSV player and could now see him step up to the next level. 

Germans can lose on penalties 

The grand final between Pinna97 and MegaBit was a thrilling affair which saw Pinna take a surprise 3-1 lead on his weaker Xbox console in the first leg, only for the German to grit his teeth and make it 3-3 in the second leg on PlayStation, forcing extra time.

Both players scored, in the additional time. ensuring a penalty shootout with everything on the line.

Now as any England fan will know, Germans are very, very good at penalties. But FIFA is a different animal.

Werder Bremen's MegaBit missed his first spot kick and Pinna97 was more than ready to take advantage. It was an unfortunate way for the German to lose but this could still provide him with crucial experience as the road to the FIFA eWorld Cup continues. 

Is this the year of PlayStation?

Stefano Pinna

Coming into 2019, a PlayStation player had not won a FIFA grand final since the FIFA eClub World Cup in 2017 and even back then, Xbox players tended to dominate most tournaments.

However, that all changed when Nicolas99fc, who many believed was one of the world's best players in FIFA 18, managed to lift his first major trophy - the Gfinity FIFA Series in January 2019.

When it rains it pours, and just a month later Pinna97 has accomplished the same feat.

PlayStation 4 has been the better selling console among the current generation and it appears that the increased PS4 player base is starting to make a difference.

On top of the aforementioned Gfinity champions, there are also impressive players like Joksan Redona, Mohammed 'MoAuba' Harkous and Erhan 'DrErhan' Kayman who shocked Nicolas99fc 4-3 in last weekend's PlayStation semi-finals.

With PS4 players beginning to win cross-console finals and with the inaugural UEFA eChampions League taking place as a PlayStation exclusive event, this is proving to be a huge year for the PlayStation division.

Tekkz's semi-final streak continues

Number one in the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings, Donovan 'F2Tekkz' Hunt had the perfect chance to return to winning ways having been eliminated by Rogue players from the last three tournaments - none of whom were present at the Gfinity Arena last weekend.

Once again the young Englishman dominated the early rounds but just does not seem to be able to make a grand final.

The F2 star was eliminated once again in the Xbox semi-finals, but this time to eventual Xbox champion, MegaBit.

Tekkz had won all four of his encounters against the German, and with a 2-0 lead after the first leg, it appeared like this would be another routine win.

However, Tekkz must have lost his cool in the second leg as he conceded six, crashing out of the tournament with a shock 6-4 defeat. At just 17years of age, Tekkz still has plenty to learn and, at the very least, is keeping some consistency.

Higher scores than the Super Bowl

Anyone who stayed up late to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday will likely have been severely disappointed as the New England Patriots won yet another title in the most boring fashion possible, with the game finishing with a 13-3 scoreline - an all-time low for a Super Bowl.

If you wanted to see action and plenty of goals, you would have been better off watching the Gfinity FIFA Series, which saw plenty of high-scoring games, though nobody quite managed to score 13 goals in one game.

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The console semi-finals were goal crazy as Tekkz battered Lukas ‘Sakul’ Vonderheride 9-1 and Megabit thrashed  Josaci ‘SPQR Senna’ Santana on Xbox while on PlayStation DrErhano came from behind to defeat Daniel ‘DanielAguilar4’ Aguilar 6-3.

Not wanting to be outshone, eventual grand champion Pinna97 annihilated Agit ‘Agit-_-Power’ Katilmis 9-0 in the PlayStation semi-finals.

Whenever somebody asks why you would watch FIFA over football (both kinds), the answer is goals, goals, goals!