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European Championship trophy: Everything you need to know about the Henri Delaunay Cup

The UEFA European Championship is one of the most prestigious football tournaments in the world, and at its heart lies the coveted Henri Delaunay Cup.

This iconic trophy, awarded to the winners of the European Championship, symbolizes excellence and triumph in European football.

Here, GOAL delves into the history, design, and significance of the Henry Delaunay Cup, offering everything you need to know about this revered piece of silverware.

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What is the Henri Delaunay Cup?

The Henri Delaunay Cup is the name of the trophy that is given to the winners of the UEFA European Championship.

Who is Henri Delaunay?

The trophy was named in honor of Henri Delaunay, the first General Secretary of UEFA and a key proponent of the European Championship. His vision and dedication to European football were instrumental in the creation of the tournament, which held its inaugural event in 1960. The trophy itself was designed to reflect the prestige and heritage of the competition, becoming a symbol of continental supremacy.

Who designed the Henri Delaunay Trophy?

The original Henri Delaunay Cup was crafted by the Maison Chobillon silversmiths in Paris, and it was first awarded to the Soviet Union in 1960 after their victory in the inaugural European Championship.

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What is the trophy made of & what size is it?

The trophy stands 60 centimeters tall and weighs 8 kilograms, made of sterling silver. Over the years, the cup has been awarded to numerous legendary teams, including Germany, Spain, and France, each engraving their names in the annals of football history.

In 2008, UEFA decided to commission a new version of the trophy to reflect the evolving nature of the competition and to ensure it remained a fitting emblem of the tournament. This new version, while slightly larger and more robust, retained the classic design elements of the original, preserving its historical essence.

Winning the Henri Delaunay Cup is a dream for every European national team. It represents not only the pinnacle of success in European football but also the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and teamwork. For players and coaches, lifting the trophy is a career-defining moment, etched in their memories and celebrated by fans worldwide.

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