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Could Crystal Palace decide General Election?!

11:35 AM GMT 09/06/2017
Theresa May
The Eagles have amazingly been placed as a potential kingmaker in the election, due to a tweet from BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg!

Crystal Palace could decide the 2017 General Election... if their Twitter feed is to be believed!

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A staggering night at the polls saw a hung parliament returned, with the Conservatives unable to form a majority government after winning 318 seats - short of the 326 needed. The Tories lost 12 seats overall, while Labour gained 29 to take their parliamentary total to 261.

Conservative leader Theresa May has subsequently attempted to prepare a coalition with Northern Ireland's DUP, who won 10 seats, and will visit Buckingham Palace to seek permission from the Queen to form a government.

However, a tweet by BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg has potentially made the Eagles kingmakers in any potential deal... and they're revelling in it!

Palace finished 14th in the Premier League in 2016-17 and are currently on the hunt for a new manager after Sam Allardyce's resignation.