FIFA streamer Castro: Alphonso Davies beat me on FIFA & this is what it's like to see Lionel Messi lift the World Cup in person

FIFA streamer Castro spoke with GOAL about his experiences in the world of online gaming, with his streaming career thrusting him into the world of the real life game.

Castro started streaming with FIFA 14, and has seen his brand grow in the nearly 10 years since. At this point, he regularly plays against real-world superstars, something that doesn't always go well for the streamer with nearly four million Twitch followers.

"The best professional player I've ever actually played against is Alphonso Davies. He actually beat me, I don't want to say that out loud!" Castro said. "David Luiz was very good as well, Marco Reus, too."

Davies and Castro have since developed a friendship, and Castro speculated he might have a gaming career to come after he hangs up his boots.

"He could enter a FIFA tournament someday and potentially win it," Castro said.

But he hasn't completed the full range of superstars he wants to get on the sticks with. Another Brazilian is also on his list.

"Someone I would love to play some day would probably be Neymar. I know that he's big on gaming. I I'm not sure how good he is at FIFA, but obviously he's quality on the pitch!" Castro said.

The long-time streamer also spoke on some of his World Cup experiences, including inviting his Taxi driver to Mexico's World Cup win over Saudi Arabia.

"I took him there, and something special finally happened: I got to witness Mexico score in the World Cup," the devout El Tri fan added.

But the big Cristiano Ronaldo fan also revealed he was disappointed to see Portugal lose.

"It's not the way I would have wanted to see Ronaldo get knocked out of his potentially last World Cup," Castro said.

Still, Castro's eyes are very much on the future - notably, the 2026 World Cup.

"A lot of young players are going to be shining like crazy," he said.

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