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90' + 6'
Bruno Fernandes
3 - 1
M. Sabitzer
L. Shaw
2 - 1
Bruno Fernandes
Penalty Goal
1 - 1
A. Mitrović
Red Card
A. Mitrović
I. Diop
0 - 1

Match Stats

55% 44%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 10 6
Total Passes 477 352
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That win sets up an FA Cup semi-final for United against Brighton at Wembley in April. Their attention will be back on the Premier League after the international break as they travel to Newcastle United. Fulham's FA Cup run comes to an end and they face Bournemouth in two weeks' time.
It was an explosive FA Cup quarter-final that saw United come from behind to beat nine-man Fulham 3-1. The Cottagers were the better team for the first 70 minutes, with De Gea forced into two great saves early in the second half before Mitrovic gave them the lead. It all quickly crumbled around them though. A VAR check showed Willian kept out a Sancho shot with his arm on the line which resulted in a trio of red cards - Willian for the handball, Silva for his protests on the sidelines and Mitrovic for pushing the referee. Fernandes slotted in the spot-kick, with Sabitzer flicking them ahead 89 seconds later. Fernandes then finished it off deep in stoppage time.
90' + 6' Fred had time to spin and weigh the options ahead of him before picking out Fernandes as the best one.
Bruno Fernandes
90' + 6' FERNANDES SEALS IT! Shaw picks out Fred in acres of space in the middle of the field and he has time to spot Fernandes' run ahead of him. Fulham are slow to close him down and he has a quick glance up before rifling his shot past Leno and into the far top corner. 3-1 United!
90' + 5' Fulham are still trying to push upfield when they win the ball back, with Cedric sliding it down the right for James to chase. Martinez spotted the danger though and slid in to stop his run.
90' + 3' There were just 265 seconds between Willian's red card with the score 1-0 to Fulham, and United going 2-1 up with Fulham down to nine men.
90' + 1' We're into seven minutes of added time here and United are on the attack again. Fernandes threads it through to Fred, who tees up Wan-Bissaka, but his first-time shot is blocked by Diop.
T. Cairney
Andreas Pereira
90' And the final change sees Cairney brought on for Pereira.
M. Solomon
B. De Cordova-Reid
89' De Cordova-Reid is also taken off, with Solomon on in his place.
D. James
H. Reed
89' James comes on to face his former side, with Reed making way for him.
Cédric Soares
K. Tete
89' With one minute and stoppage time left, Fulham are making a quadruple change as they try to force this tie to extra time. Tete is the first to go off, with Cedric replacing him.
88' GOOD SAVE! Antony plays a clever one-two with Sancho on the edge of the D, and he whips a powerful shot on goal. Leno gets two strong hands behind it, and rushes out to hold it on the second attempt.
87' Fulham just can't get out of their own half at the moment as United go in search of a third goal. Antony drags it past Ream as he cuts inside from the right, but can't get the ball out of his feet to have a shot.
85' SAVE! Shaw lifts it into the box and Fred helps it out to Antony on the far side. He cushions it into Sabitzer on the edge of the box, but his low shot is held by Leno.
M. Rashford
83' United are making their second change as they look to see out this win. Rashford goes off, with Fred on to take his place.
81' Fernandes has scored 23 of his 26 penalties for United (excluding shootouts), including 11 of the 12 he's taken at Old Trafford.
79' Pereira swings another set-piece into the box, but he can't pick out a white shirt this time. United win possession back, and they're happy to just slow the pace of the game down.
L. Shaw
77' None of the Fulham players picked up Shaw's run and he pulled it back for Sabitzer, who pulls off a wonderful finish.
M. Sabitzer
77' SABITZER SCORES! The game has been turned on its head! It's worked out to Sancho on the left and he picks out Shaw's overlapping run. He squares it into the middle of the six-yard box and Sabitzer, on the half-turn, flicks it over Leno and into the back of the net. After a quick VAR check for offside, the goal stands, and United are 2-1 up!
Bruno Fernandes
Penalty Goal
75' FERNANDES EQUALISES! Despite an absolutely manic few minutes, Fernandes keeps his cool from the spot. He takes a slow run-up and makes no mistake as he rolls his spot-kick into the bottom-right corner, sending Leno the wrong way. 1-1!
74' There are three United players surrounding the penalty spot and they're claiming Fulham were trying to scuff it up. It's taking the referee a while to clear out the box so Fernandes can take it.
A. Mitrović
Red Card
72' MITROVIC IS OFF TOO! Fulham have completely lost their heads here! Mitrovic went straight over to the referee as he was showing the red card to Willian, and he crosses a line with what he said before pushing the referee and putting his head towards him. Fulham are down to nine men in a matter of seconds!
Red Card
72' WILLIAN IS OFF! The referee is left with no choice but to also show a red card to Willian after denying a clear goal-scoring opportunity with his hand on the line. He's shaking his head in disbelief, but he can't argue with that.
72' PENALTY TO UNITED! Willian did well to track back onto the line but he leans down slightly to block the shot and it does hit his hand which is slightly away from his body. The referee goes over to the monitor and after seeing the replays points to the spot.
Red Card
71' Marco Silva isn't happy that VAR is having a look at the penalty incident and he's screaming at the referee from his technical area. He's trying to interfere while the official is at the monitor so he's shown a red card.
70' HANDBALL? Fulham's corner is cleared by Weghorst and Antony bursts forward on the counter. He has Sancho in space through the middle and squares him in. He takes it around Leno before seeing it blocked on the line by Willian. United are saying he used his arm...
68' United win a free-kick on the right, and Fernandes pulls it back to Sancho inside the D. He opens up his foot to curl it on goal, but it bounces wide off Rashford.
A. Robinson
Yellow Card
67' Antony knocks it past Robinson, who had already committed himself to the challenge. He brings him down and goes into the book.
66' GREAT SAVE! Maguire gives away a needless free-kick high on the right and Pereira gets his delivery perfect this time. Mitrovic rises to thump a header on goal and De Gea is at full stretch to claw it away from his goal.
64' United are caught out at the back again as Tete bursts into space down the right. He clips a cross into Mitrovic, who brushes Fernandes aside to thump his header straight at De Gea.
62' Mitrovic has scored 12 goals in 25 games across all competitions this season, his most in a single campaign while playing for a side in the Premier League (his previous best was 11 goals in 39 appearances in 2018-19).
60' United are trying to play out from the back in an attempt to get themselves back level. Rashford drops deep and slides it forward for Sancho, who is caught on his heels, but it pinballs out for a corner.
S. McTominay
58' United are making the first change of the game. McTominay is taken off, with Antony replacing him, and that means Fernandes will be dropping back into a deeper role.
57' The referee was slow to give the free-kick against Fernandes, but Pereira now stands over it. His cross is too deep for everyone though, and it rolls harmlessly out of play.
56' The United fans are making their frustration at the slow build-up clear as Maguire fails to spot Rashford's run in behind. Fulham easily win it back again, and the hosts find themselves on the backfoot once more.
54' CHANCE! It's a brilliant long ball over the top from Martinez to pick out Weghorst, and he nods it down for Rashford. Instead of charging at goal, he pulls it back for Fernandes, who takes it first time, but it swerves away from the target.
52' Rashford stays down while Mitrovic leads the Fulham celebrations and he requires treatment after being sandwiched between two players. VAR did have a quick check, but there's nothing wrong with the goal.
I. Diop
50' It's a really clever flick from Diop that takes Martinez out of the game completely as he picks out Mitrovic.
A. Mitrović
50' MITROVIC SCORES! It's been coming from Fulham! United concede another corner, and Pereira's cross is missed by Fernandes. Diop gets in front of Martinez to flick it onto the edge of the six-yard box and Mitrovic makes no mistake as he sends it into the back of the net from close range for his first FA Cup goal. 1-0 Fulham!
49' DE GEA SAVES AGAIN! Pereira's corner is over everyone in the middle, but Willian picks it up on the far side. He takes it around Wan-Bissaka before whipping a shot towards the far post, and De Gea gets fingertips on it again.
48' GREAT SAVE! Maguire's clearance is pounced on by Palhinha, whose interception slides through to Robinson on the left of the box. He fires a shot on goal, and De Gea stretches to tip it over.
46' United get us back under way for the second half!
The FA Cup semi-final draw took place just before kick-off, so the winners of this tie know they'll be facing Brighton and Hove Albion at Wembley at the end of April. Ten Hag will be expecting a much better second half from his team in terms of getting their forward players involved. Silva will be pleased with what he's seen though and will be hoping for more of the same.
It's goalless at the break between Manchester United and Fulham. The visitors were the better side in the first half, causing United some real problems. They only managed one shot on target though which came in the second minute when De Gea had to tip over Diop's header. Despite struggling to get into their rhythm, the Red Devils still created some good chances, with Sabitzer and Rashford both seeing shots saved by Leno.
45' + 2' BLOCK! Martinez fizzes it straight into the box and McTominay spins to touch it to Sancho before getting it straight back. He tries to get the shot away quickly and it deflects wide off Ream.
45' + 1' CHANCE! As we head into two minutes of stoppage time, Tete sees the space open up ahead of him down the right. He chooses to have a go from range and curls it around Sabitzer, but it flies well wide of the near post.
44' Fulham are enjoying another good spell of possession here. They look to Robinson down their left again, but his pullback is just behind Palhinha on the edge of the box.
42' Sancho holds it up well before flicking it behind him for Sabitzer to run onto. He pulls it back from the byline, and Rashford lets it run, not realising that nobody is waiting behind him.
40' GOOD SAVE! Fernandes is quick to touch it through to Sabitzer and he has time to get it out of his feet before drilling a long-range shot on goal. Leno gets behind it, parrying it away, and holds it on the second attempt.
39' Robinson cuts out a sloppy pass and slides it forward for Palhinha, who drives towards the box again. Martinez tracks him all the way and slides in with a perfectly timed tackle to win it back on the edge of the box.
37' It's a great interception from Maguire, who sets his team on the attack again. Fernandes plays a wonderful deep cross in from the right, and Tete makes an equally good block ahead of Shaw at the far post.
35' Wan-Bissaka plays a clever one-two with Sancho to open up a pocket of space but then hits his shot straight against Robinson. He gets a second bite on it, but his cross is too high for Weghorst.
33' United break quickly on the counter again, and Martinez threads it through for Weghorst. He cushions it into Sabitzer so he can pick out Rashford, but his cross is smothered by Leno and then bounces out off the forward.
31' Fulham work it upfield really well again, and it's Robinson with the good delivery this time. Mitrovic rises high above Martinez to get his head on it, but his effort sails high over the bar.
29' There's a nervy moment for United when De Gea knocks it to Martinez, who has Mitrovic tight to his back. The defender plays it to the keeper once more, and this time they get away.
27' Reed did pull up a little earlier in the game holding his hamstring, and now he's gone down. He does get up without treatment, but Silva has substitutes warming up in case they're needed.
25' There are shouts from the Fulham players and fans for a penalty as Mitrovic goes down in the box. He just gets his foot in front of Martinez and they both tumble over, but the referee tells them to get back up.
23' Fernandes' cross is blocked, but United keep it alive, switching it to Rashford on the opposite flank. He whips a wonderful cross into the box, but there's no one at the far post to direct it towards goal.
H. Maguire
Yellow Card
21' Mitrovic starts to spin away from Maguire, so the defender wrestles him to the ground. It's a costly booking that would see him miss the semi-final if United get there.
20' United are struggling to find their rhythm still, and Fulham win another free-kick on the right wing. Pereira goes deep this time, but it's hooked away by Wan-Bissaka.
Andreas Pereira
Yellow Card
18' Sancho threatens to break on the counter after intercepting Pereira's poor cross, and the Brazilian just tugs him back to earn the first booking of the game.
17' Reed wins a free-kick down the right, and Pereira hesitates before putting the cross in before hitting the first man. Ream recycles it, but can only pick out Fernandes.
15' Reed outmuscles Martinez to keep the attack alive for Fulham, but he takes too long to pick out a cross. Maguire slipped, but Sabitzer got back to block the cross for a corner, but nothing comes of it.
13' CHANCE! United break quickly on the counter and Rashford slides it forward for Weghorst. Fernandes drags the defender away with a clever run to open up space, but the Dutchman snatches at it and it rolls harmlessly into Leno's gloves.
12' It's a great, driving run from Palhinha from deep in his own half and he switches it out to Tete on the right. He clips it in, looking for Mitrovic in the middle, but it's met by Maguire instead.
10' Fernandes is down after being caught in the side by Willian during an aerial challenge. The medical team are on, but he's quickly back on his feet to carry on.
8' It's better from United here as Rashford works it across the field to Fernandes, who clips in a good cross into the middle. It's just behind Weghorst and Diop blocks it ahead of Rashford.
6' It's all Fulham in the opening minutes here, and United have barely been able to get out of their own half. The Cottagers are pressing high upfield and making things difficult for their hosts.
4' It's a loose pass into midfield from Martinez and Reed is able to set Fulham on the attack again. It's swept out to Willian on the left, but Mitrovic slips as it's played into the box and McTominay clears.
2' SAVE! It's a lovely cross from Pereira on the right as he teases it into the far post. It's too high for Wan-Bissaka to clear, and Diop heads it towards goal from behind him. De Gea has to tip it over.
1' Pereira gets the game under way for Fulham!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Fulham are winless in their last 15 meetings with United in all competitions (D3 L12), while they've only won one of their last 25 away games against the Red Devils (3-1 in October 2003).
Marco Silva makes three changes to his Fulham side after their loss to Arsenal last weekend. Palhinha is back after serving his suspension, Willian has recovered from a back injury, and Diop also comes in. Adarabioyo, Lukic and Solomon drop to the bench, where Cairney and Cedric are available once more.
Erik ten Hag makes four changes from the win over Real Betis on Thursday, as he brings in Shaw, McTominay, Sabitzer and Sancho. Malacia, Fred and Pellistri start on the bench, as does Antony after recovering from illness. Casemiro serves the first of his four-match domestic ban, and Raphael Varane is missing due to a minor injury.
FULHAM SUBS: Marek Rodak, Daniel James, Sasa Lukic, Cedric Soares, Tom Cairney, Manor Solomon, Carlos Vinicius, Tosin Adarabioyo, Harry Wilson.
FULHAM STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Bernd Leno; Kenny Tete, Issa Diop, Tim Ream, Antonee Robinson; Harrison Reed, Joao Palhinha; Bobby De Cordova-Reid, Andreas Pereira, Willian; Aleksandar Mitrovic.
MANCHESTER UNITED SUBS: Diogo Dalot, Tyrell Malacia, Anthony Elanga, Antony, Facundo Pellistri, Kobbie Mainoo, Fred, Jack Butland, Victor Lindelof.
MANCHESTER UNITED STARTING XI (4-1-4-1): David de Gea; Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Harry Maguire, Lisandro Martinez, Luke Shaw; Scott McTominay; Marcel Sabitzer, Jadon Sancho, Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford; Wout Weghorst.
These sides are now just one game away from playing at Wembley, as they look to book the last spot in the semi-finals. United have won all three of their games in the competition so far by 3-1 scorelines, coming from behind to knock out West Ham last time out. They come into today on the back of booking their place in the Europa League quarter-finals after beating Real Betis 5-1 on aggregate and are currently unbeaten in their last 21 home matches in all competitions (W18 D3). As for Fulham, they're making their first FA Cup quarter-final appearance since 2009-10 after beating Leeds United 2-0 in the fifth round. They've lost both outings since that tie, after a seven-game unbeaten run before it (W4 D3).
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the FA Cup quarter-final tie between Manchester United and Fulham at Old Trafford!