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Is the GOAT debate over for good? Cristiano Ronaldo is nowhere to be seen as eternal rival Lionel Messi picks up his seventh GOAL50 award

Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi - Luis Figo once said it was like being asked to choose between truffles and caviar. As far as the former Portugal captain was concerned, it was really just a question of taste.

Does one prefer the perfect physical specimen that is Ronaldo, a relentless goalscoring machine that looks as if he were constructed in a lab and yet is, in fact, a living, breathing testament to the merits of human endeavour?

Or Messi, a sprite-like figure blessed with a heavenly talent that enables him to not only play the beautiful game but control it, meaning every single time he sets foot onto the pitch, seemingly impossible feats become not just possible - but probable?

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It's a debate that has divided many football fans for nearly two decades. But is the end of an era approaching? Has Ronaldo's time at the top finally drawing to a close?