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Oriol Romeu to Barcelona, Cristiano Ronaldo to Al-Nassr, Julien Faubert to Real Madrid & the strangest transfer signings in football history

The transfer market is a wild and crazy place. It rarely fails to surprise. Time and time again, a player will enrage one club's supporters by joining their most hated rivals.

But we've arguably grown accustomed to such betrayals in an era in which money makes the football world go around. There's also a twisted logic to such transfers. At the end of the day, we're usually talking about top players moving between top clubs. It's not that strange.

Sometimes, though, there are deals that seemingly come out of nowhere, involving players and clubs that are just downright bizarre. You know, the ones that leave you scratching your head and wondering, 'How on earth did that happen?!'

Here at GOAL, we'd argue that Oril Romeu's return to Barcelona after a bang-average career is one such transfer, but there are many, many more...