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Ted Lasso episodes: Guide to seasons 1, 2 & 3

Who could have predicted that a series about Ted Lasso, an American football college coach seemingly left out of his depth after trading life in the United States for that as a soccer boss in England, would become an Emmy Award-winning production and the most-watched programme on Apple TV+. That is where we are, with Jason Sudeikis starring in a hit comedy-drama that has earned a cult following while being showered with plaudits and nods for top prizes at the Golden Globes and Guild of America Awards.

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Lasso’s exploits with AFC Richmond are quickly becoming the stuff of legend, as fictional characters are compared to professionals in the real world, but what is the series all about and how many episodes have been made? GOAL takes a look…

WARNING: Spoilers ahead...

Ted Lasso Season 1 episodes

Ted LassoApple TV+



Air date




August 14, 2020

Rebecca Welton, the owner of Premier League strugglers AFC Richmond, appoints the most incompetent coach she can find to run the club in a bid to spite her ex-husband. Lasso is drafted in from Kansas City and his new players hate him despite efforts to win them over with his positive attitude.



August 14, 2020

Lasso attempts to win over his players, while gifting shortbread to Walton as a present – a product she becomes obsessed with. Squad harmony remains an issue, with ageing star Roy Kent at odds with youngster Jamie Tartt, while Nigerian player Sam Obisanya is homesick. Lasso is set up in a supposed clinch with Tartt’s girlfriend, Keeley.


Trent Crimm: The Independent

August 14, 2020

Lasso meets with a tough reporter from The Independent, Trent Crimm. It emerges that tactics are being devised by kit man, Nate, while Lasso reveals that he places little emphasis on results. Kids at a local school are won over by his charm before a positive story is published in the papers following a first taste of Indian food for Lasso during a meal out with Crimm.


For The Children

August 21, 2020

The team lose on the field, while Robbie Williams cancels on Welton off it – meaning that another music act needs to be found for a charity ball. Kent and Tartt constantly feud and it is discovered that Welton’s ex-husband is responsible for cancelling Williams, while he shows up his former flame by donating £1 million to charity. Keeley is talked into breaking up with Tartt, while Lasso finds an unknown street performer to provide musical assistance.


Tan Lines

August 28, 2020

Lasso’s wife and son arrive from the States, but it becomes apparent that a relationship there is failing and a parting of ways becomes inevitable. On the field, Tartt is refusing to pass to his team-mates as AFC Richmond become a one-man show. Lasso benches a talismanic presence before half-time in one contest, but claims a result to silence any doubters.


Two Aces

September 4, 2020

A new star arrives in the form of Dani Rojas, who then gets mysteriously injured after becoming an on-field rival for Tartt. Lasso learns that the club’s treatment room is haunted, leading to him attempting to lift the curse, while Tartt returns to parent club Manchester City as a loan spell is cut short.


Make Rebecca Great Again

September 11, 2020

Lasso gets drunk on a night out, as he struggles to come to terms with his impending divorce, and snaps at Nate. Following an apology, Nate delivers an inspiring – if somewhat insulting – pre-match speech ahead of a match at Everton that brings a 60-year winless run against the Toffees to a close. Lasso suffers a panic attack during a post-game karaoke party.


The Diamond Dogs

September 18, 2020

Lasso creates his ‘Diamond Dogs’ team of sidekicks, while Kent’s relationship with Keeley becomes an issue as they are caught on camera kissing by the paparazzi. Lasso wins a wager with Walton’s ex-husband over a game of darts that stops him from criticising the running of the club. Keeley discovers that Walton had planned to sell a picture of her with Lasso to The Sun.


All Apologies

September 25, 2020

Lasso initially refuses to bench Kent despite his struggles for form, alienating him from his team-mates, but eventually backtracks on that decision. Welton tells Lasso of her tabloid picture plan, and is surprised at being forgiven so easily. It is determined that injury will be given as the reason for Kent’s absence from the team, while Lasso maintains that results are not important to him.


The Hope That Kills You

October 2, 2020

Nate is promoted to coach, while Welton calls on Lasso to cause confusion for rivals in a bid to pick up results. The plan briefly works when equalising against Manchester City from a clever set-play, but Tartt haunts his former club by scoring a match winner. AFC Richmond are relegated, leading to attempts by Lasso to resign, but he is talked around as the club plot immediate promotion and a shot at Premier League title glory.

Ted Lasso Season 2 episodes

Ted LassoApple TV+



Air date



Goodbye Earl

July 23, 2021

Starting mid-season, AFC Richmond have drawn their last seven games before Rojas gets the chance to convert a match-winning penalty. He ends up kicking the club’s greyhound mascot as he jumps in front of the goal to chase a bird, leading to a loss of confidence and skills. A no-nonsense sports psychologist is hired, whose attitude clashes with Lasso’s, while Tartt becomes the star of a reality television show.



July 30, 2021

Tartt is voted off ‘Love Conquers All’ and tries to return to Manchester City, before then approaching Lasso about a second stint at AFC Richmond – an offer which is initially declined. Kent becomes a pundit for Sky Sports, where he upsets colleagues with his cursing but earns praise from supporters. Lasso eventually decides to bring Tartt back despite opposition to a deal.


Do The Right-est Thing

August 6, 2021

Tartt’s apologies over previous criticism fall on deaf ears. The team’s sponsor, Dubai Air, causes controversy when Obisanya’s father reveals to him that they are responsible for polluting air in his homeland. A number of players protest by placing tape over the logo on the front of their shirts. On the pitch, a lengthy sequence of draws is snapped.


Carol Of The Bells

August 13, 2021

It is Christmas in Richmond, with parties held for the club’s overseas players. Lasso does not get the call he had hoped for when speaking to his ex-wife and son, leading to him turning to drink, but his mood improves when asked to get involved in some last-minute gift-giving to underprivileged children.



August 20, 2021

Richmond struggle as captain Isaac McAdoo fails to lead. A game against some neighbourhood footballers helps him to rediscover the joys of playing for fun and he starts to dominate proceedings once more. Kent initially turns down an offer to join Lasso’s coaching staff, but realises he misses working in the game while appearing on Soccer Saturday and agrees to return to Richmond.


The Signal

August 27, 2021

Richmond are flying with Kent back on the staff, with even Tartt talking a former foe into giving him advice on how to perform at his best. Unusual tactics bring the best out of Tartt in a FA Cup quarter-final clash with Tottenham, as all of the coaching staff raise their middle finger at him, but Lasso suffers a panic attack and leaves the pitch. Nate inspires victory from the stands, while Dr Sharon is brought in to help Lasso.



September 3, 2021

Lasso commits to therapy following initial scepticism, while Kent works on his relationship with Keeley. Nate becomes a viral sensation following his triple substitution against Spurs, but his father urges humility instead of offering praise. That leads Nate to start treating others unkindly in the dressing room – including Colin, a young Welshman that used to bully him, and new kit man Will.


Man City

September 10, 2021

Richmond play at Wembley for the first time, against Manchester City, but suffer a harsh defeat. Tartt is criticised by his abusive father in the dressing room afterwards, leading to a scuffle. Plenty of relationships elsewhere need to be worked on.


Beard After Hours

September 17, 2021

Coach Beard gets caught up in a night out with supporters, which leads to trouble – including him being beaten by Tartt’s father and his friends. It is revealed that there is a secret entrance into AFC Richmond’s stadium, while Beard stumbles across a secret nightclub underneath a church after breaking his key in the door to his apartment.


No Weddings And A Funeral

September 24, 2021

Lasso suffers another panic attack ahead of the funeral of Welton’s father. Welton, instead of giving a eulogy to a parent that she saw cheating on her mother as a child, leads the congregation in a rendition of ‘Never Going To Give You Up’. After the service, Tartt reveals to Keeley that he still loves her.


Midnight Train To Royston

October 1, 2021

Obisanya scores the first hat-trick of his career, leading to a Ghanaian billionaire visiting Richmond and offering to buy him for Raja Casablanca – a side he is looking to take over and bring in the best African talent. Kent and Keeley both admit to spending time with others outside of their relationship. Lasso learns that his panic attack is set to make the papers, with it revealed that Nate is the source tipping off the press.


Inverting The Pyramid Of Success

October 8, 2021

Lasso has the full backing of the club ahead of their final game of the season. Welton’s ex-husband buys West Ham United. Nate tries to abandon a false nine approach, but is ignored by the players. Rojas converts a penalty that seals promotion back to the Premier League. Obisanya agrees to remain with Richmond, but a couple of months later Nate is unveiled as the newest members of West Ham’s coaching team.

Ted Lasso Season 3 episodes

No.TitleAir dateSummary
23Smells Like Mean SpiritMarch 15, 2023With the media predicting Richmond to struggle in the Premier League and Nate's West Ham to thrive, Ted brings his team on a trip to lift their spirits and foster a sense of spirit in the dressing room.
24(I Don't Want to Go to) ChelseaMarch 22, 2023Rebecca is determined to get her man when Zava leaves Juventus and becomes a free agent. Journalist Trent Crimm becomes persona non grata in the dressing room as Roy Kent forbids the team from giving him material for his book.
254-5-1March 29, 2023The arrival of Zava to Richmond immediately lifts the team and they embark on a winning streak after Roy, Coach Beard and Ted figure out how best to accommodate him. Trent Crimm happens upon a secret moment involving Colin.
26Big WeekApril 5, 2023Tensions are high at Richmond as they prepare to face West Ham, now under the guidance of Nate. Rebecca is desperate to get one over the Hammers, while Nate struggles to show his true feelings of regret towards his former club.
27SignsApril 12, 2023Defeat to West Ham precipitates a dire run of form for Richmond, who slide down the table following a series of losses. Zava fails to appear for the game against Manchester City and subsequently reveals a major decision.
28SunflowersApril 19, 2023Richmond head to Amsterdam for a mid-season friendly game against Ajax. Afterwards, Ted gives the team the night off, with the likes of Rebecca, Roy, Coach Beard and Ted all undergoing their own night-time odysseys. Ted takes a trip through history and discovers Total Football.
29The Strings that Bind UsApril 26, 2023The new-found Total Football tactics are deployed in a game against Arsenal to mixed results, while Rebecca expresses concerns about Keeley's relationship with Jack. Meanwhile, Sam contends with the fallout of a political comment.
30We'll Never Have ParisMay 3, 2023Ted becomes preoccupied with the fact that Michelle is going to Paris with Dr Jacob and is worried they will get married. Keeley is left to deal with the fallout of a sexually explicit video of her leaking online, while Isaac and Colin deal with issues.
31La Locker Room Aux FollesMay 10, 2023Isaac discovers a secret about Colin and their friendship strains as a result and the issue comes to a head when Isaac confronts a supporter. Nate is forced to contend with Rupert's connivance.
32International BreakMay 17, 2023A number of Richmond players are called up by their national teams, with Sam being a notable omission from the Nigeria squad. Dani displays a whole new side to his personality when he plays for Mexico, while Super League plans are kyboshed.
33Mom CityMay 24, 2023Ted is surprised by the appearance of his mother Dottie, who arrives in London, while Jamie struggles in a game against Manchester City. Nate returns to Richmond, much to the chagrin of Coach Beard.
34So Long, FarewellMay 31, 2023Richmond are one game away from potentially winning the Premier League, but Ted sees his future away from the club and makes plans to return to America.

It was revealed in October 2020 that there would be a third series of Ted Lasso.

That began production in March 2022, with AFC Richmond joining forces with Nike.

The first trailer for Season 3 was released on February 14, 2023 and it premiered exclusively on Apple TV+ on March 15, 2023.