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The 10 best sports whistles you can buy

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Referees play a major role in most sports matches. They are responsible for managing the game and being as fair as possible while maintaining the rules. And, on a big pitch, there's only one way to get your voice heard and communicate your refereeing - the mighty officials' whistle.

Are you a budding referee or need to officiate an upcoming local game? If you don't have a whistle, GOAL has compiled a list of whistles you can buy to channel your inner Mike Dean or Bibiana Steinhaus on the pitch.

Here are the top ten whistles you can buy:

1. Hipat Whistle with Mouth Grip 2 Pack

Hipat 2 Pack Whistles

The Hipsta whistles are great if you're working around a budget; better yet, you get two in a pack. A natural cork pea inside the whistles helps make a crisp and loud sound, so you can guarantee you'll get the players' attention. Plus, they come with lanyards and a mouthpiece, so you're really getting your money's worth.

Get it from Amazon for £4.99

2. ACME Tornado Pealess Whistle

ACME Tornado Whistle

These unique whistle designs with three holes are nicknamed 'Brazil' whistles for a simple reason - they gained the name after extensively being used in the South American country to officiate football matches. The whistle is very loud and can reach 120 decibels, which is perfect when multiple matches are taking place near the same location.

Get it from Decathlon for £5.99

3. Fox 4O Referee Whistle with Wrist Strap

Fox 40 whistle with wrist strap

If you're more advanced and versed with the duties of being a referee, this is an excellent whistle for you. It's the loudest whistle created by Fox 40, so you know it will cut through any crowd and ambient noise, even over long distances. You can even emulate the Premier League pros with the included wrist strap.

Get it from Decathlon for £8.99

4. Fox 4O Classic Whistle

Fox 40 Classic Whistle

The classic whistle by Fox 40 is highly rated, with one reviewer on Amazon writing, "As a football referee, all the whistles I used before were good, but often players didn't react to the call I did and played on. With the Fox40, I was shocked when I blew into it the first time. It's such a massive whistle that everyone will stop immediately. It's available in black, white and yellow and is a great overall whistle. "

Get it from Amazon for £6.99

5. Gilbert Whistle and Lanyard

Gilbert whistle

Go retro with the classic silver-looking whistle which will take you back to P.E lessons in primary or secondary school. Gilbert has created a high-quality and reliable whistle which ensures matches run smoothly and efficiently. The great thing is that the whistle also comes with a lanyard, so you always have this essential piece of kit at hand.

Get it from Decathlon for £9.90

6. Squeeze Whistle

Squeeze Whistle

If you're a community team where the official changes during the course of a day, a squeeze whistle is the perfect hygienic solution. All you have to do is squeeze the whistle to make yourself heard. It also comes with a 2-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Get it from Decathlon for £9.99

7. ND Fox 40 Classic Finger Grip Whistle

Fox 40 Classic Finger Grip Whistle

Not a fan of carrying your whistle on a lanyard around your neck or having it strapped around your wrist? Then a finger grip whistle might be the perfect solution for you. There is no need to fumble around to get a hold of it; the finger grip allows easy access to avoid delays on decisions and calling fouls. The grip is also comfortable and textured, so it doesn't slip from your fingers in key moments.

Get it from Amazon for £11.11

8. Noopel Coach Whistle 2 pack

Noopel Whistles

These Noopel whistles come in a unique shape compared to your traditional pea whistle but do the job just as well. The high pitch whistle can be heard up to a mile away, so you know the players will always hear you. This two-pack also includes food-grade PVC mouth grips and two lanyards. The whistles themselves are made from environmental aluminium, which is more durable than plastic.

Get it from Amazon for £12.99

9. XREXS Electronic Whistle

EXREXS Electronic Whistle

Electronic whistles are another great hygienic option for those who share whistles. All you have to do with the XREXS electronic whistle is press a button, and you can even choose from three adjustable tones. The battery cells are also included, so you don't need to run down to the shops to get it up and running.

Get it from Amazon for £14.99

10. ACME Thunderer NO.58

ACME Thunderer Whistle

If you're looking for a more deep-sounding whistle, then the ACME Thunderer is the one for you. One referee has even called it the 'legendary referees whistle'. It's solid and loud enough to be used on the railways and in rugby matches. This would be great to add to your collection if you've been officiating for some time now.

Get it from Amazon for £15.20

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