Lionel Messi’s trick shot Adidas advert: Is it real or fake and what boots is he wearing?

Lionel Messi PSG 2021-22Getty Images

Widely recognised as one of the world’s best ever footballers, Lionel Messi has been the face of Adidas football since his emergence and continues to be, as seen in their latest trick shot video.

As brilliant as Messi is with a ball at his feet, even some of his biggest fans could be left contemplating the truthfulness of his trick shots in this video, while wearing Adidas’ latest football boots.

So is it real and what new boots is he wearing? GOAL takes a look.

What is the Lionel Messi trick shot video?

The video itself shows Messi launching the ‘Al Rihla’ ball, which will be used at the 2022 World Cup, into the ball bag three times in a succession. He then strolls away and giving his approval with a thumbs up.

Notably, the camera then pans towards Messi's boots - the Diamond Edges - which are the actual subject of the video.

Is the new Messi Adidas advert real or fake?

Thus far, neither Messi nor Adidas have commented on whether or not the video is bona fide or if it has been edited.

Interestingly, the video itself is reminiscent of one in which former Manchester United and Real Madrid star David Beckham starred in, where he was asked to kick three balls into three separate bins.

Despite Beckham’s amazing talents, fans remain convinced that the clip was indeed edited, given the difficulty of the challenge, and the Messi clip has elicited a similar reaction.

Unsurprisingly, fans in the comments sections of the video have already begun debating this, with some labelling him as 'The GOAT’ and commenting that it’s too easy for him. Others have questioned if it is real and even praised the editing of the video.

What Adidas football boots is Messi wearing in the video?

Messi is wearing Adidas’ Diamond Edge boots, which come in a dark blue, light blue and white colourway.

As you can tell in the caption of the video which reads "1, 2, 3, feeling good in Diamond Edge."

That particular pair comes in a collection of Diamond Edge boots, which you can view on the official Adidas website.

Do you think the video is real or fake? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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