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Italy's clubs addresses its stadium infrastructure woes

9:01 PM SGT 9/3/19
San Siro stadium Italy Portugal
Serie A clubs are finally realising the importance of owning their own stadium...

Italy has finally taken the right step towards improving its league at least in terms of infrastructure as Roma, Inter and AC Milan have announced plans to build a new stadium.

For Roma, this comes after a long negotiation with the state’s officials and one which was time-consuming given Italy’s lax political system. On the other hand, for Milan, they are just waiting for the green light from Inter so that both clubs can proceed with their plans.

Now, this will be seen as a step that has been long overdue. It is not a secret that the stadium’s in Italy are backdated especially in today’s modern football setting. Most of the stadiums in Italy’s top-flight are dilapidated and has an overly high-capacity. Fans are seated far away from the pitch which doesn’t make pleasure when viewing, thus Roma and the Milanese giants will have everything to gain from pursuing such plans.

Also, only Juventus, Sassuolo, Udinese and Atalanta own their stadiums which is ludicrous as other Serie A sides’ stadium are owned by the state. For a club to not own their own stadium definitely contributes to a loss in revenue and thus hurt’s their spending power. Italy is already way behind in terms of marketing and tv rights as compared to other top leagues in England and Spain, which is why new stadium plans are so crucial. It bewilders anyone, why Italian teams took so long to wake up, but at least their slumber has ended.