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ISL 2019-20: Guidelines to sign head coach and assistant coach

1:36 PM SGT 20/6/19
Eelco Schattorie NorthEast United
Goal takes a look at the requirements and the profile needed to become a head coach in Indian Super League...

The Indian Super League (ISL) have always had certain pre-requirements set for the clubs to appoint their head coaches and the assistant coaches of the club.

Since season one, the league has been strict regarding the resume of the coaches which join the leagues in order to maintain a certain standard.

With season six of the ISL coming up, the league has once again laid down the ground rules to be considered by the clubs before hiring their head coaches.

Here are the basic requirements of head coaches of ISL clubs for the new season:

1) Each club will select a head coach, bearing international repute, of its own choosing

2) All head coaches must at the least hold AFC Pro License (or equivalent), or be in the process of obtaining their AFC Pro License (or equivalent) coaching qualification.

3) Each head coach appointment is subject to approval by the league unless a previously approved head coach is retained from the previous season. Any new coach, regardless of whether they have previously coached in the ISL prior to season five, must receive the league’s written approval.

Head coaches must also fall into one of the following categories:

1) High-profile managers/coaches with significant experience and track record.

2) High-profile international players (still currently playing or recently retired) wishing to move into club management/coaching and holds the appropriate coaching licenses.

3) Lower-profile international managers with significant experience and a proven track record.

The rules for appointment of an assistant coach as head coach are as follow:

1) An assistant coach of a club may succeed the club head coach provided that the assistant coach has been at the club for at least two preceding seasons.

2) Was listed on the officials list of the club for at least 16 matches in the previous season, barring suspensions.

3) Has achieved success as an Assistant  Coach and worked under a successful head coach.

4) Holds, or be in the process of obtaining the AFC Pro License or equivalent.

5) Has not been guilty of bringing the League, and/or the ISL or AIFF into disrepute.

Mandatory Indian Assistant Coach: It is mandatory for each club to have at least one Indian assistant coach who is a full-time resident of India. This Indian assistant coach must hold, or be in the process of obtaining, an AFC Pro Licence. The Indian Assistant Coach must be listed on the Officials List of the club for all matches barring suspensions. An Indian goalkeeping coach will not be considered an assistant coach in order to satisfy the above requirement.