Endrick Palmeiras 2023 GFXGOAL

Endrick's goals powering Palmeiras to title glory after Botafogo's historic bottle-job in Brazil

Football can be a cruel game. It's never over until the final whistle blows. Titles can sometimes be lost even after they appear to have been won. Nobody will ever forget Newcastle and Kevin Keegan cracking under the pressure applied upon the Premier League's great entertainers by Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson's mind games in 1996.

Or the time a Real Madrid team containing Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, Luis Figo, David Beckham and Roberto Carlos went from first to fourth in La Liga after losing six of their final seven games.

And there's Steven Gerrard's infamous slip in 2014, when Liverpool were perfectly placed to end a championship drought that stretched back to 1990, only to see their captain gift Chelsea a goal that still haunts him today.

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However, when it comes to spectacular collapses, the almost-unbelievable Botafogo bottle-job of 2023 trumps the whole lot. Never before have we seen a team in one of the world's top leagues squander such an advantage at the top of the table, through a costly combination of misfortune, mismanagement and the sensational form of a 17-year-old striker who looks set to take the Santiago Bernabeu by storm next season...