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TFF hit Juma Nyoso with a five match ban

9:20 PM MYT 13/02/2018
Juma Nyosso
Juma Nyoso has been suspended by the Tanzania Football Federation disciplinary committee following his scuffle with a supporter

Tanzanian footballer Juma Nyoso has been suspended for five matches after the Kagera Sugar defender assaulted a fan after the match against Simba in January.

The Tanzania Football Federation launched investigations into the incident which led to the defender's dismissal from Ligi Kuu matches involvement.

TFF's Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body has discussed his case and convicted him of beating a fan who blew a Vuvuzela to his ears.

"The TFF disciplinary committee which also discussed other issues, discussed also the case which was filed referrering to the Kagera Sugar player Juma Nyoso incident which occured after the game against Simba at Kaitaba Stadium," said TFF spokesman Clifford Ndimbo

"Nyoso was accused of beating a fan after the game and this was violation of Premier Legue rules which emphasizes on fair play.

"The commettee went through the report from the game commissioner which described the incident of Juma Nyoso and a fan who was carrying a vuvuzela and the player appeared to start beating the fan with his shoe, and then hiting him on his face with his knee. But the player refused to beat the fan."

The commettee has charged Juma Nyoso with a breach of Ligi Kuu rules and regulations and TFF Constitution. TFF also fined Nyoso 1,000,000 Tanzanian Shillings.