Steaua Bucharest manager drinks bottle of vodka before every match... because of superstition!

The head coach of the Romanian side continues to drink with his director of football before games in the hope it brings them good luck

Superstitions are commonplace in football. From players putting on one boot before another, touching the turf before entering play, or saying a prayer before kick off. Some are stranger than others, though.

Steaua Bucharest manager Laurentiu Reghecampf can vouch for that. The former midfielder now regularly gets drunk with his director of football before games, so much so that the latter could not even walk during a recent tie, according to ex-Romania coach Victor Piturca.

It follows the first time the pair did it, a Europa League meeting with Zurich, which his team secured a favourable result, so the pair continued the weekly knees-up in the hope it would bring good luck.

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However, their recent run of games suggests the vodka isn't quite having the affect they'd have hoped - from their last eight outings, they've lost three, drawn four and won once.

Steaua owner Gigi Becali, rather than call the duo out, said: "There are strange things happening with those two..."