September 2018 international break: Every match, kick-off times & competition details


Following a month of World Cup action over the summer, the first international break of the 2018-19 season has arrived.

Premier League and Ligue 1 teams have so far played out four fixtures each, La Liga and Serie A three, while the new Bundesliga campaign is only two games in as we head into a 10-day rest period.

The 2018 September break sees the introduction of the new, bi-yearly UEFA Nations League, where 55 teams are split into four leagues (A-D), each consisting of four groups.

The winners of Group B, C and D will win promotion, while those who finish bottom of Groups A, B and C will be relegated. Then, in June 2019, the four league winners of Group A will contest the semi-finals, a third-place play-off and a final for the title of Nations League champions.

The England national team will meet for the first time since their World Cup semi-final run at the Russia World Cup ahead of their opener against Spain at Wembley on Saturday, before travelling to face Switzerland in a friendly on Tuesday.

And while manager Gareth Southgate has explained the tournament format to his Three Lions squad, not all of them are yet familiar with the system.

“It is quite confusing – I don’t know what you guys think of it?” said Harry Maguire when asked for his opinion of the new concept. “The boss tried to explain it to us the best he could the other day. I think he has got his head around it now, but it took a lot of studying.

“It is confusing, but we are trying to get our heads round it. For us players, we just go into each game trying to win it and see where it takes us. So we will see after the game.”

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There are also a host of friendlies across the international break, as well as the second round of fixtures from the African Cup of Nations qualifying.

Goal runs through a day-by-day guide of which games are being played before the return of domestic football next weekend.


Fixture Competition Time (UK)
Slovakia vs Denmark Friendly 19:00
Fiji vs Solomon Islands Friendly 07:30


Fixture Competition Time (UK)
Germany vs France UEFA Nations League 19:45
Czech Republic vs Ukraine UEFA Nations League 19:45
Wales vs Republic of Ireland UEFA Nations League 19:45
Slovenia vs Bulgaria UEFA Nations League 19:45
Norway vs Cyprus UEFA Nations League 19:45
Kazakhstan vs Georgia UEFA Nations League 15:00
Armenia vs Liechtenstein UEFA Nations League 17:00
Latvia vs Andorra UEFA Nations League 19:45
Gibraltar vs Macedonia UEFA Nations League 19:45
Austria vs Sweden Friendly 19:45
Netherlands vs Peru Friendly 19:45
Portugal vs Croatia Friendly 19:45
Trinidad and Tobago vs UAE Friendly 11:00
Bahrain vs Philippines Friendly 15:00
Kyrgyzstan vs Palestine Friendly 15:00
Uzbekistan vs Syria Friendly 16:00
Jordan vs Lebanon Friendly 17:00


Fixture Competition Time (UK)
Italy vs Poland UEFA Nations League 19:45
Turkey vs Russia UEFA Nations League 19:45
Albania vs Israel UEFA Nations League 19:45
Lithuania vs Serbia UEFA Nations League 19:45
Romania vs Montenegro UEFA Nations League 19:45
Azerbaijan vs Kosovo UEFA Nations League 17:00
Faroe Islands vs Malta UEFA Nations League 19:45
Japan vs Chile Friendly 11:00
Korea Republic vs Costa Rica Friendly 12:00
Qatar vs China Friendly 17:00
Scotland vs Belgium Friendly 19:45
Chinese Taipei vs Malaysia Friendly 12:00
Singapore vs Mauritius Friendly 12:30


Fixture Competition Time (UK)
Switzerland vs Iceland UEFA Nations League 17:00
England vs Spain UEFA Nations League 19:45
Northern Ireland vs Bosnia-Herzegovina UEFA Nations League 14:00
Finland vs Hungary UEFA Nations League 17:00
Estonia vs Greece UEFA Nations League 19:45
Belarus vs San Marino UEFA Nations League 17:00
Luxembourg vs Moldova UEFA Nations League 19:45
Comoros vs Cameroon Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying 13:00
Seychelles vs Nigeria Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying 13:30
South Africa vs Libya Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying 14:00
Kenya vs Ghana Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying 14:00
Uganda vs Tanzania Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying 14:00
Namibia vs Zambia Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying 15:00
Equatorial Guinea vs Sudan Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying 16:00
Gabon vs Burundi Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying 16:00
Mozambique vs Guinea-Bissau Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying 16:00
Gambia vs Algeria Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying 17:30
Mauritania vs Burkina Faso Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying 18:00
Egypt vs Niger Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying 19:00
Morocco vs Malawi Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying 21:00
United States vs Brazil Friendly 00:30
Venezuela vs Colombia Friendly 01:00
Ecuador vs Jamaica Friendly 01:00
Mexico vs Uruguay Friendly 03:00
Argentina vs Guatemala Friendly 04:00


Fixture Competition Time (UK)
France vs Netherlands UEFA Nations League 19:45
Ukraine vs Slovakia UEFA Nations League 14:00
Denmark vs Wales UEFA Nations League 17:00
Bulgaria vs Norway UEFA Nations League 17:00
Cyprus vs Slovenia UEFA Nations League 19:45
Georgia vs Latvia UEFA Nations League 17:00
Macedonia vs Armenia UEFA Nations League 17:00
Liechtenstein vs Gibraltar UEFA Nations League 19:45
Madagascar vs Senegal Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying 12:30
South Sudan vs Mali Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying 14:00
Etheopia vs Sierra Leone Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying 14:00
Swaziland vs Tunisia Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying 14:00
Lesotho vs Cape Verde Islands Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying 14:00
Rwanda vs Ivory Coast Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying 14:30
Angola vs Botswana Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying 16:00
Togo vs Benin Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying 17:00
Liberia vs Congo DR Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying 17:00
Guinea va Central African Republic Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying 17:30
Germany vs Peru Friendly 19:45
Lebanon vs Oman Friendly 17:00


Fixture Competition Time (UK)
Portugal vs Italy UEFA Nations League 19:45
Sweden vs Turkey UEFA Nations League 19:45
Scotland vs Albania UEFA Nations League 19:45
Serbia vs Romania UEFA Nations League 19:45
Montenegro vs Lithuania UEFA Nations League 19:45
Andorra vs Kazakhstan UEFA Nations League 19:45
Kosovo vs Faroe Islands UEFA Nations League 19:45
Malta vs Azerbaijan UEFA Nations League 19:45
Russia vs Czech Republic Friendly 17:00
Saudi Arabia vs Bolivia Friendly 18:15


Fixture Competition Time (UK)
Iceland vs Belgium UEFA Nations League 19:45
Spain vs Croatia UEFA Nations League 19:45
Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Austria UEFA Nations League 19:45
Hungary vs Greece UEFA Nations League 19:45
Finland vs Estonia UEFA Nations League 19:45
San Marino vs Luxembourg UEFA Nations League 19:45
Moldova vs Belarus UEFA Nations League 19:45
Japan vs Costa Rica Friendly 11:00
Korea Republic vs Chile Friendly 12:00
Uzbekistan vs Iran Friendly 16:00
Poland vs Republic of Ireland Friendly 19:45
Northern Ireland vs Israel Friendly 19:45
England vs Switzerland Friendly 20:00
Singapore vs Fiji Friendly 12:30
Jordan vs Oman Friendly 17:00


Fixture Competition Time (UK)
Colombia vs Argentina Friendly 01:00
United States vs Mexico Friendly 01:30
Brazil vs El Salvidor Friendly 01:30
Panama vs Venezuela Friendly 02:00
Ecuador vs Guatemala Friendly 02:00