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Selfless Astafei only wants what's good for the Red Giants

14:12 GMT+4 06/05/2017
Victor Astafei Selangor 05052017
Hiring and sacking is part and parcel of football according to Victor Astafei, and he has already made peace with the possibility of being let go.

BY        ZULHILMI ZAINAL       Follow on Twitter

When asked about the possibility of being dropped to make way for Indonesia star Andik Vermansyah in the coming transfer window, Selangor attacker Victor Astafei rubbished the notion that he is worried about it.

When met by Goal on Friday, the Romanian said that as a professional, he has made peace with such possibilities a long time ago.

"I've played for many years, teams change and bring on new players all the time, players come and go," said Astafei, who has scored three goals this season.

When suggested by us that the Red Giants' last two matches before the transfer window opens may be his final chance to prove himself, he quickly shot down the notion.

"I think those who have seen me (play) and understand football, would know my qualities; how I can help, and that I am a team player.

"Before I joined Selangor, I told them I don't act like a star, I don't play like a star, I don't want to be a star. I want to help the team," he pointed out.

He also chose to view the matter selflessly, in that the possibility of being released will motivate him further, and that will be for the good of the Red Giants.

"Maybe it's a good thing for me, motivating me in the last two games (before the transfer window).

"It's a good thing for Selangor, not for me... In the long term Selangor need to win, not me or Andik," pointed out the 29-year old.