'Musiala and Bellingham are two top human beings' - Former England coach on friendship between young stars

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Former England youth coach Kevin Betsy has hailed Jude Bellingham and Jamal Musiala as "two top human beings" with the two longtime friends about to see their club teams face off this weekend.

Bellingham's Dortmund are set to face Musiala's Bayern Munich this weekend in a match that will have massive Bundesliga title implications.

Bellingham and Musiala are longtime friends, having played together many times in England's youth system and, despite taking different paths to the top of the game, the two have made Betsy proud with how they've developed as players and people on their road to Germany.

What did Betsy say?

"Jamal and also Jude have really unique personalities," Betsy told GOAL. "They are very competitive. Everything they do, they do with the goal of winning and improving, but also with great humility and respect for everything that surrounds them.

"They are also very unselfish and this attracts people to like them even more. They are just great guys. Boys you love to take home to introduce to your family. Boys that every mother and father would love to their sons to grow into.

"Forget about football for a minute! They're just two top human beings."

Musiala's decision

Musiala opted to represent Germany at international level, despite playing for England up to U21sl.

Born in Stuttgart to a British-Nigerian father and German mother, Musiala had played for Germany U16s at one point before committing to the national team in February.

He's gone on to earn nine caps for Germany since making the switch, earning a spot in the squad for this summer's Euros.

"When the moment of decision came, Jamal chose Germany," Betsy said. "It's a pity for us, but I was so happy than sad when I saw him at the round of 16 between England and Germany at Wembley.

"It was a nice moment because I wish him the most success in the world, only the best - regardless of which country he plays for, this is not important.

"As a coach my passion is for developing people and helping people achieve their dreams and I am fortunate to have seen such talent and have the trust of others to take care of such a special talent.

"It was my privilege, Jamal made me a better coach and the highest levels of training sessions, individual plans and our relationship was so strong because he knew I cared for him so much on a human level, this is my way with all the players I work with.

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"The Germans made it possible for him to play for their senior national team early on. England had and still have a lot of attacking players, so it probably wouldn't have come so soon for Jamal under Gareth Southgate.

"Maybe he could have been more patient, but it was his personal decision, which we have all accepted here. Of course, it's a shame we won't be able to see a player like that with the Three Lions - but as long as Jamal is happy, I'm very happy."

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