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Liverpool mayor reveals he was mugged outside Stade de France ahead of Champions League final

Liverpool city region mayor Steve Rotheram has revealed he was mugged outside the Stade de France on Saturday ahead of the Champions League final, with his phone and other belongings stolen.

In the days since the match, Reds fans have spoken out about poor conditions surrounding the venue and the treatment they received from French police, who used tear gas on supporters.

Rotheram said he is "outraged" by what happened over the weekend and said it was "difficult to witness".

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What did Rotheram say?

In a later statement, he added: “As a lifelong fan, and the representative for the Liverpool city region, I was outraged by the treatment of Liverpool fans at the hands of the French police.

"The scenes outside Stade de France, before and after the game, were completely chaotic, with what appeared to be a breakdown of control and communication.

“What happened was difficult to witness. While fans travelled to the ground hoping for the night of their lives, it appears than the Gendarmerie went looking for conflict.

"More than any other club our fans understand the danger that poor policing and organisation at a football match can pose. It was disappointing how readily other teams’ supporters appear to have swallowed the lies and misinformation being perpetuated by UEFA and the French authorities – especially when social media has been awash with images that show the real truth."

How has UEFA responded?

The governing body, along with French authorities, have blamed ticket fraud for dangerous backups outside the Stade de France - a claim that many fans who attended have denied.

The game was delayed by more than 30 minutes as Liverpool fans struggled to enter the stadium.

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