Guardiola: Spanish press are evil and hurtful

Laurence Griffiths
The ex-Barcelona and Bayern Munich boss is enjoying life in the Premier League at Manchester City, with criticism in England not as harsh as elsewhere

Pep Guardiola has enjoyed success throughout his coaching career, but Manchester City’s former Barcelona boss considers the criticism he received from the Spanish press to be “evil”.

The Catalan native oversaw a glittering era in Camp Nou history during his time in charge of Barca, with three La Liga titles and two Champions League crowns forming part of a stunning trophy haul.

He was, however, to see his methods and management called into question at times, even when piecing together one of the finest sides world football has ever seen.

It was life under that spotlight which eventually forced him away from his roots, with spells in Germany at Bayern Munich and England with City allowing him to work under slightly less pressure.

Guardiola told Movistar Plus of his media experiences to date: “After having worked at Barcelona, ​​everything is much more bearable.

“The evil and cruelty that exists here [in Spain] does not exist elsewhere.

“I think that in Germany and in England they are very critical, but in Spain they are trying to hurt and they know where to hurt you.”

Having experienced the coaching demands across three leading divisions in Europe, Guardiola is well placed to pass on important knowledge to the managerial minds of tomorrow.

He has been happy to do that throughout his career to date, with current Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone among those to have visited him during his time at Barca.

Diego Simeone Atletico Madrid Roma

The Argentine did not agree with everything he was told and shown by a proven winner, but Guardiola considers that to be a good thing as it is important for each individual to tread their own path.

He said: “Sometimes coaches ask if they can come to see training and I always open the doors because they were opened to me.

“Then we have a coffee, we talk if I have time, and I always say the same thing: ‘You guys have not seen anything’.

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“I remember perfectly when Cholo Simeone was in Argentina before he came to Atletico Madrid and he came to see us.

“I loved it because we talked and I remember he said: ‘I do not like this, I do not feel it’.

“I was not with Simeone to say what I like or do not like. To play or coach you have to be there on your own.  You cannot do something that you do not feel.”