Time for fun is over! AC Milan chief Maldini tells players to 'turn the page' after Serie A title celebrations

AC Milan Serie A title 2021-22Getty Images

AC Milan need to "turn the page" following their Scudetto celebrations, says technical director Paolo Maldini, as the club see their stars return to training in preparation for a Serie A title defence.

The San Siro club laid their hands on the Scudetto for the first time in a decade to deliver glory at the expense of local rivals Inter, dethroning them as champions of Italy.

The team has spent much of their subsequent summer and the international break relaxing, but now Maldini says they must park their euphoria and look ahead to the task at hand.

What has Maldini said about Milan's need to move forward?

"The boys had a deserved break after such a great season," Maldini told Milan TV. "Those memories are still fresh in mind.

"It’s right to keep in mind how we got to that title, but also turn the page and focus on our aims for this season.

“We must forget for a second what happened after the Sassuolo game. It is something that will be with us forever and that has boosted this group’s confidence even more, but we go again. Every year is different."

What will the World Cup do for Milan?

Maldini also turned his attentions towards the upcoming Qatar 2022 World Cup, which in a first for the European game, will take place mid-season, throwing traditional calendar structures into disarray.

The Milan supremo believes teams will adapt however, including his own, adding: "We need to get used to it. We got used to Covid-19, suspended games and behind closed doors, so we need to get accustomed.

"This season will be divided into two and we need to see it as such. It will be a long period of inactivity for those not going to the World Cup, so we’ll have a break and then go again.

"We have to prepare the team, set our goals for the season, we need to manage the group. A lot of things go into making this work great if you can call it work."

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