Six reasons why Inter can do the impossible and beat Man City in the Champions League final

Lautaro Martinez Nicolo Barella Simone Inzaghi Inter 2022-23 GFXGetty

Earlier this week, Simone Inzaghi declined a request to put a percentage on Inter's chances of victory in the Champions League final. It would have been a waste of his time. He and his players are already acutely aware of the size of the task ahead of them in Istanbul. The only thing that they need to figure out right now is how to overcome it.

"We know we're going to meet the strongest team in the world, which has won the Premier League five times in the past six years," Inzaghi told reporters on Monday. "They have a fantastic squad and a coach who has defined an era. In modern football, there is a before and after Pep Guardiola."

And, in the eyes of many, many neutrals, the Catalan will now cement his status as the best coach in the world by winning a first Champions League without the help of the greatest player of all time, Lionel Messi. Some even believe that victory is a foregone conclusion for City; that Inter have "no chance" of overcoming a team that Fabio Capello has claimed have "no weaknesses".

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But while Guardiola's treble-chasers are an outstanding side, perhaps the greatest the Premier League has ever seen, they can be beaten.

Below, GOAL outlines why Inter can achieve the seemingly impossible by stunning City - and the entire footballing world - on Saturday night...