Why did Cristiano Ronaldo move house? Manchester United star's Cheshire mansion change explained

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Cristiano Ronaldo Patrice EvraGetty & Instagram.com/patrice.evra

Cristiano Ronaldo's return to Manchester United has gone smoothly on the pitch, but there have been a few hiccups off it, with the superstar striker forced to move house again after his first mansion in the north west was unsuitable.

Ronaldo, who made a sensational return to Old Trafford at the end of August, scored in each of his first three games in since arriving back at United and looks to have galvanised the club around him.

However, there have been significant issues off the pitch for Ronaldo to deal with since moving back to England regarding his house - although not everything is quite as has been reported elsewhere.

Why has Cristiano Ronaldo moved house?

Ronaldo has had to move house since his return to Manchester because the garden of his first property could be overlooked by neighbouring properties, which United felt constituted a security risk for their star player.

While quarantining in England following his move from Juventus, Ronaldo maintained his fitness by training at home. However, United discovered that his garden could be seen by passers-by, which could have compromised his privacy or put his safety at risk.

Did noisy sheep force Cristiano Ronaldo to move?

Well, The Sun claimed the five-time Ballon d'Or winner was unhappy at his original seven-bed, £3 million mansion because of nearby sheep baaing and keeping him awake. United sources have, however, confirmed that this is not true.

The idea of Ronaldo being irked by livestock has been a source of mirth, though, not least to one of his former team-mates, ex-United defender turned internet prankster Patrice Evra.

Evra posted a bizarre clip on Instagram and Twitter showing him sailing a boat filled with sheep, with the caption: "Don’t worry bro, I’m moving my sheep far away from your house."

Where does Cristiano Ronaldo live now?

Ronaldo has moved into a new property in Cheshire, which is owned by former United striker Andy Cole.

Ronaldo's partner Georgina Rodriguez and his four children have now joined him, and they are now finally looking to settle down.

Where did Cristiano Ronaldo live before?

Prior to leaving Juventus for United, Ronaldo lived in two connected villas in the north of Italy.

According to reports, the Portugal captain's home was situated in the hills above the Gran Madre de Dio in the heart of Turin and, as you might expect, it is accessible only via a private road.

Privacy is clearly a key consideration for Ronaldo and the buildings are shielded from prying eyes through lush leaves of the trees and vegetation which is dotted around the property.

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