Nations League 2020-21: Groups, fixtures, results & everything you need to know

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The UEFA Nations League returned for its second edition in the 2020-21 season and the European governing body has high hopes that the tournament can continue to capture the imagination of fans.

Introduced with the aim of replacing meaningless friendly matches, the idea was to give national teams more competitive action and greater incentives to field their strongest teams.

The second edition of the competition was the first taste of European international football since November 2019 after the coronavirus pandemic forced the postponement of Euro 2020.

Goal has your guide to the tournament, including details about the groups, fixtures, results and more.


  1. Nations League 2020-21 fixtures, results & tables
    1. Nations League finals
    2. League A
    3. League B
    4. League C
    5. Relegation play-outs
    6. League D
  2. When does the Nations League 2020-21 start?
  3. Is the Nations League 2020-21 linked with World Cup 2022?
  4. Who won the last Nations League?

Nations League 2020-21 fixtures, results & tables

Nations League finals

The 2020-21 Nations League finals will be contested by Italy, Spain, France and Belgium.

An open draw will take place in December to decide which teams play each other in the semi-finals.

DateMatchKick-off (UK)
Oct 6, 2021Nations League Semi-final 1TBC
Oct 7, 2021Nations League Semi-final 2TBC
Oct 10, 2021Nations League Third-place play-offTBC
Oct 10, 2021Nations League FinalTBC

League A

There are four Leagues - A, B, C and D. Leagues A, B and C were divided into four groups of four in the draw that took place on March 3, 2020.

League A features the top 16 teams ranked by their UEFA team coefficient.

It makes for some of the most exciting match-ups, with England, Germany and Belgium in Group A2, Portugal and France in Group A3 and Spain in Germany in Group A4.

Group A1 table

1Italy (F)6330512
4Bosnia & Herzegovina (R)6024-82

Group A1 fixtures & results

DateMatchKick-off (UK)
Sep 4Italy 1-1 Bosnia-Herzegovina7:45pm
Sep 4Netherlands 1-0 Poland7:45pm
Sep 7Bosnia-Herzegovina 1-2 Poland7:45pm
Sep 7Netherlands 0-1 Italy7:45pm
Oct 11Bosnia-Herzegovina 0-0 Netherlands5pm
Oct 11Poland 0-0 Italy7:45pm
Oct 14Italy 1-1 Netherlands7:45pm
Oct 14Poland 3-0 Bosnia-Herzegovina7:45pm
Nov 15Italy 2-0 Poland7:45pm
Nov 15Netherlands 3-1 Bosnia-Herzegovina5pm
Nov 18Bosnia-Herzegovina 0-2 Italy7:45pm
Nov 18Poland 1-2 Netherlands7:45pm

Group A2 table

1Belgium (F)65011015
4Iceland (R)6006-140

Group A2 fixtures & results

DateMatchKick-off (UK)
Sep 5Iceland 0-1 England5pm
Sep 5Denmark 0-2 Belgium7:45pm
Sep 8Belgium 5-1 Iceland7:45pm
Sep 8Denmark 0-0 England7:45pm
Oct 11England 2-1 Belgium5pm
Oct 11Iceland 0-3 Denmark7:45pm
Oct 14England 0-1 Denmark7:45pm
Oct 14Iceland 1-2 Belgium7:45pm
Nov 15Belgium 2-0 England7:45pm
Nov 15Denmark 2-1 Iceland7:45pm
Nov 18Belgium 4-2 Denmark7:45pm
Nov 18England 4-0 Iceland7:45pm

Group A3 table

1France (F)6510716
4Sweden (R)6105-83

Group A3 fixtures & results

DateMatchKick-off (UK)
Sep 5Portugal 4-1 Croatia7:45pm
Sep 5Sweden 0-1 France7:45pm
Sep 8France 4-2 Croatia7:45pm
Sep 8Sweden 0-2 Portugal7:45pm
Oct 11Croatia 2-1 Sweden5pm
Oct 11France 0-0 Portugal7:45pm
Oct 14Croatia 1-2 France7:45pm
Oct 14Portugal 3-0 Sweden7:45pm
Nov 14Portugal 0-1 France7:45pm
Nov 14Sweden 2-1 Croatia7:45pm
Nov 17Croatia 2-3 Portugal7:45pm
Nov 17France 4-2 Sweden7:45pm

Group A4 table

1Spain (F)63211011
4Switzerland 5032-23

Group A4 fixtures & results

DateMatchKick-off (UK)
Sep 3Germany 1-1 Spain7:45pm
Sep 3Ukraine 2-1 Switzerland7:45pm
Sep 6Spain 4-0 Ukraine7:45pm
Sep 6Switzerland 1-1 Germany7:45pm
Oct 10Spain 1-0 Switzerland7:45pm
Oct 10Ukraine 1-2 Germany7:45pm
Oct 13Germany 3-3 Switzerland7:45pm
Oct 13Ukraine 1-0 Spain 7:45pm
Nov 14Germany 3-1 Ukraine7:45pm
Nov 14Switzerland 1-1 Spain7:45pm
Nov 17Spain 6-0 Germany7:45pm
Nov 17Switzerland -- Ukraine7:45pm

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League B

League B features the teams ranked 17 to 32, with the likes of Russia, Wales, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland in this pool.

Group B1 table

4Northern Ireland (R)6024-72

Group B1 fixtures & results

DateMatchKick-off (UK)
Sep 4Norway 1-2 Austria7:45pm
Sep 4Romania 1-1 Northern Ireland7:45pm
Sep 7Austria 2-3 Romania7:45pm
Sep 7Northern Ireland 1-5 Norway7:45pm
Oct 11Northern Ireland 0-1 Austria7:45pm
Oct 11Norway 4-0 Romania5pm
Oct 14Norway 1-0 Northern Ireland7:45pm
Oct 14Romania 0-1 Austria7:45pm
Nov 15Romania -- Norway7:45pm
Nov 15Austria 2-1 Northern Ireland7:45pm
Nov 18Austria 1-1 Norway7:45pm
Nov 18Northern Ireland 1-1 Romania7:45pm

Group B2 table

1Czech Republic (P)6402412
4Slovakia (R)6114-54

Group B2 fixtures & results

DateMatchKick-off (UK)
Sep 4Scotland 1-1 Israel7:45pm
Sep 4Slovakia 1-3 Czech Republic7:45pm
Sep 7Czech Republic 1-2 Scotland7:45pm
Sep 7Israel 1-1 Slovakia7:45pm
Oct 11Israel 1-2 Czech Republic7:45pm
Oct 11Scotland 1-0 Slovakia7:45pm
Oct 14Scotland 1-0 Czech Republic2pm
Oct 14Slovakia 2-3 Israel7:45pm
Nov 15Czech Republic 1-0 Israel7:45pm
Nov 15Slovakia 1-0 Scotland2pm
Nov 18Czech Republic 2-0 Slovakia7:45pm
Nov 18Israel 1-0 Scotland7:45pm

Group B3 table

1Hungary (P)6321311
3Serbia 613226
4Turkey (R)6132-26

Group B3 fixtures & results

DateMatchKick-off (UK)
Sep 3Russia 3-1 Serbia7:45pm
Sep 3Turkey 0-1 Hungary7:45pm
Sep 6Hungary 2-3 Russia5pm
Sep 6Serbia 0-0 Turkey7:45pm
Oct 11Russia 1-1 Turkey7:45pm
Oct 11Serbia 0-1 Hungary7:45pm
Oct 14Russia 0-0 Hungary7:45pm
Oct 14Turkey 2-2 Serbia7:45pm
Nov 15Turkey 3-2 Russia5pm
Nov 15Hungary 1-1 Serbia7:45pm
Nov 18Hungary 2-0 Turkey7:45pm
Nov 18Serbia 5-0 Russia7:45pm

Group B4 table

1Wales (P)6510616
2Finland 6402212
3Republic of Ireland6033-33
4Bulgaria (R)6024-52

Group B4 fixtures & results

DateMatchKick-off (UK)
Sep 3Bulgaria 1-1 Republic of Ireland7:45pm
Sep 3Finland 0-1 Wales7:45pm
Sep 6Wales 1-0 Bulgaria2pm
Sep 6Republic of Ireland 0-1 Finland5pm
Oct 11Republic of Ireland 0-0 Wales2pm
Oct 11Finland 2-0 Bulgaria5pm
Oct 14Bulgaria 0-1 Wales7:45pm
Oct 14Finland 1-0 Republic of Ireland5pm
Nov 15Bulgaria 1-2 Finland5pm
Nov 15Wales 1-0 Republic of Ireland5pm
Nov 18Republic of Ireland 0-0 Bulgaria7:45pm
Nov 18Wales 3-1 Finland7:45pm

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League C

Teams ranked 33 to 48 - including Greece, Kosovo and Belarus among others - make up League C.

Group C1 table

1Montenegro (P)6411813
4Cyprus (RPO)6114-84

Group C1 fixtures & results

DateMatchKick-off (GMT)
Sep 5Azerbaijan 1-2 Luxembourg5pm
Sep 5Cyprus 0-2 Montenegro5pm
Sep 8Cyprus 0-1 Azerbaijan7:45pm
Sep 8Luxembourg 0-1 Montenegro7:45pm
Oct 10Luxembourg 2-0 Cyprus2pm
Oct 10Montenegro 2-0 Azerbaijan2pm
Oct 13Azerbaijan 0-0 Cyprus5pm
Oct 13Montenegro 1-2 Luxembourg7:45pm
Nov 14Azerbaijan 0-0 Montenegro5pm
Nov 14Cyprus 2-1 Luxembourg5pm
Nov 17Luxembourg 0-0 Azerbaijan7:45pm
Nov 17Montenegro 4-0 Cyprus7:45pm

Group C2 table

1Armenia (P)6321311
2 North Macedonia623119
4Estonia (RPO)6033-43

Group C2 fixtures & results

DateMatchKick-off (UK)
Sep 5North Macedonia 2-1 Armenia2pm
Sep 5Estonia 0-1 Georgia5pm
Sep 8Armenia 2-0 Estonia5pm
Sep 8Georgia 1-1 North Macedonia5pm
Oct 11Armenia 2-2 Georgia5pm
Oct 11Estonia 3-3 North Macedonia5pm
Oct 14Estonia 1-1 Armenia7:45pm
Oct 14North Macedonia 0-1 Georgia7:45pm
Nov 15Georgia 1-2 Armenia5pm
Nov 15North Macedonia 2-1 Estonia2pm
Nov 18Armenia 1-0 North Macedonia5pm
Nov 18Georgia 0-0 Estonia5pm

Group C3 table

1Slovenia (P)6420714
4Moldova (RPO)6015-101

Group C3 fixtures & results

DateMatchKick-off (UK)
Sep 3Moldova 1-1 Kosovo7:45pm
Sep 3Slovenia 0-0 Greece7:45pm
Sep 6Slovenia 1-0 Moldova5pm
Sep 6Kosovo 1-2 Greece7:45pm
Oct 11Greece 2-0 Moldova7:45pm
Oct 11Kosovo 0-1 Slovenia7:45pm
Oct 14Greece 0-0 Kosovo7:45pm
Oct 14Moldova 0-4 Slovenia7:45pm
Nov 15Moldova 0-2 Greece7:45pm
Nov 15Slovenia 2-1 Kosovo7:45pm
Nov 18Greece 0-0 Slovenia7:45pm
Nov 18Kosovo 1-0 Moldova7:45pm

Group C4 table

1Albania (P)6321411
4Kazakhstan (RPO)6114-44

Group C4 fixtures & results

DateMatchKick-off (UK)
Sep 4Belarus 0-2 Albania7:45pm
Sep 4Lithuania 0-2 Kazakhstan7:45pm
Sep 7Kazakhstan 1-2 Belarus3pm
Sep 7Albania 0-1 Lithuania7:45pm
Oct 11Kazakhstan 0-0 Albania2pm
Oct 11Lithuania 2-2 Belarus5pm
Oct 14Belarus 2-0 Kazakhstan7:45pm
Oct 14Lithuania 0-0 Albania5pm
Nov 15Belarus 2-0 Lithuania5pm
Nov 15Albania 3-1 Kazakhstan5pm
Nov 18Albania 3-2 Belarus3pm
Nov 18Kazakhstan 1-2 Lithuania3pm

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Nations League League C relegation play-outs

TeamAgg.TeamLeg 1Leg 2
Moldova-KazakhstanMar 24/25, 2022Mar 28/29, 2022
Estonia-CyprusMar 24/25, 2022Mar 28/29, 2022

League D

League D is the smallest section, featuring the lowest-ranked seven teams.

Group D1 table

1Faroe Islands (P)6330412
3 Latvia614147

Group D1 fixtures & results

DateMatchKick-off (GMT)
Sep 3Faroe Islands 3-2 Malta7:45pm
Sep 3Latvia 0-0 Andorra5pm
Sep 6Andorra 0-1 Faroe Islands2pm
Sep 6Malta 1-1 Latvia7:45pm
Oct 10Andorra 0-0 Malta7:45pm
Oct 10Faroe Islands 1-1 Latvia5pm
Oct 13Faroe Islands 2-0 Andorra7:45pm
Oct 13Latvia 0-1 Malta7:45pm
Nov 14Malta 3-1 Andorra2pm
Nov 14Latvia 1-1 Faroe Islands5pm
Nov 17Andorra 0-5 Latvia7:45pm
Nov 17Malta 1-1 Faroe Islands7:45pm

Group D2 table

1Gibraltar (P)422028
3San Marino 4022-32

Group D2 fixtures & results

DateMatchKick-off (UK)
Sep 5Gibraltar 1-0 San Marino2pm
Sep 8San Marino 0-2 Liechtenstein7:45pm
Oct 10Liechtenstein 0-1 Gibraltar5pm
Oct 13Liechtenstein 0-0 San Marino7:45pm
Nov 14San Marino 0-0 Gibraltar2pm
Nov 17Gibraltar 1-1 Liechtenstein7:45pm

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When does the Nations League 2020-21 start?

The 2020-21 edition of the Nations League will begin on September 3, 2020, with group games being played across September, October and November.

The finals will then take place on June 2, 3 and 6 the following year, with the relegation play-off matches set for March 2022.

Matchday 1September 3-5, 2020
Matchday 2September 6-8, 2020
Matchday 3October 10-11, 2020
Matchday 4October 13-14, 2020
Matchday 5November 14-15, 2020
Matchday 6November 17-18, 2020
FinalsSeptember/October 2021
Relegation play-offsMarch 24, 25, 28, 29, 2022

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Is the Nations League 2020-21 linked with World Cup 2022?

The Nations League 2020-21 is linked with the UEFA qualifying for World Cup 2022, providing two places in the play-offs.

Ten World Cup qualifying group winners advance directly to the tournament in Qatar and the 10 runners-up qualify for the play-offs.

The remaining play-off places are reserved for the best two Nations League group winners (based on overall ranking) who did not directly qualify or reach the play-offs in the World Cup qualifying stage.

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Who won the last Nations League?

Portugal won the inaugural edition of the UEFA Nations League in 2018-19. The Selecao defeated the Netherlands in the final to get their hands on the trophy.

Having topped a group containing Italy and Poland in League A, Portugal booked their place in the finals, where they were paired with Switzerland in the semi-finals.

They defeated the Swiss by a score of 3-1, with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring a hat-trick - the decisive goals coming in the 88th and 90th minute.

A solitary goal from Goncalo Guedes was the difference in the final against the Dutch as Portugal secured a 1-0 victory on home turf at Estadio do Dragao.

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