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Man Utd need to 'get over' Sir Alex Ferguson, says Chicharito - but insists Ronaldo could still score 40 goals this year

Los Angeles Galaxy star Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez has called on former club Manchester United to "get over" ex-manager Sir Alex Ferguson, who retired in 2013.

The Red Devils have failed to replicate the success they enjoyed under Ferguson as they've cycled through eight managers, including caretakers, since the Scottish legend's exit.

Hernandez believes "it is never going to be the same" club without Ferguson, but thinks an acceptance of a new era would help them move forward.

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What was said about Ferguson?

“United need to get over the fact that Sir Alex Ferguson has gone," Hernandez told reporters. “Would we like to have someone similar? Yes, yes, yes - but Sir Alex has gone and it is never going to be the same.

“It doesn't surprise me what has happened at United because in life it’s not easy having a manager for 26 years in the way that Sir Alex did it.

“One of his greatest aptitudes, in my humble opinion, was that probably seven out of 10 players who signed worked out.

“That’s not easy - not for Real Madrid or Barcelona or even for Chelsea, (Manchester) City, Liverpool or Bayern Munich.

“It is like winning the lottery. Do you think anyone you hire afterwards is going to be able to do even 80 percent of what Ferguson did?”

Why Chicarito still has faith in Ronaldo

Hernandez said he understands Cristiano Ronaldo's desire to leave Manchester United this summer given their lack of Champions League qualification. Still, he believes Ronaldo could have a huge season if he remains with the club.

“Time will tell what is going to happen with him - but what if Ronaldo stays and scores 40 goals?" Hernandez said. "That could happen.”

Would Chicharito ever return to Old Trafford?

“If United came for me then I’d say ‘yes, I’ll play for free.’ Of course, you know, I’d do that," Hernandez said.

“I also want to be very respectful to my club. I am playing very consistently and in my mind my conviction is all about winning a championship with LA Galaxy.

“In the future, if things happen then they happen - but in my mind I am 100 percent with LA.”