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'Keep it fresh' - Instagram guru Mourinho shares his advice for social media success

Jose Mourinho has opened up on his newfound success as an Instagram star, with the Tottenham boss offering some advice out on how to keep it real on the social media platform.

The Portuguese has emerged as something of an unlikely influencer in the digital world since his arrival in north London, with the 57-year-old offering an inside glimpse of his regime previously only speculated at by fans.

Having previously deleted the app during his time at Manchester United, Mourinho has since revived it and helped build a 1.1 million-strong audience, assisted by a striking emoji game amongst other things.

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In a tongue-in-cheek video posted to the club's own social media channels, the manager has admitted that he does not know why he has amassed such a significant online following, while dispensing a collection of key tips to keep followers hooked on content.

"I have no idea," he quipped when asked why people should follow him. "It's just about being real."

Making reference to several of his more popular posts, Mourinho pointed to a shot of him sequestered on a plane with a tablet to watch a film, adding; "[You need to] take your followers on a journey.

"I was watching Legend, with Tom Hardy. The message is that I am relaxed before matches. Of course, a nice movie needs good popcorn [too]."

Other suggestions made in the four-minute clip saw Mourinho imploring followers to "engage your audience", "embrace the moment" and "keep it fresh", while in reference to a now-iconic image taken after a Europa League defeat in Antwerp where he sat stoically on an empty bus, he stressed the need to "be real in good times and bad times".

"One of my assistants took the picture and I think the picture says everything," the former Real Madrid and Chelsea supremo added. "It was a bus of silence and later on it became a plane of silence. Many, many times, silence is better than many words."

Tottenham will return to action following the November international break this weekend with the visit of Manchester City, as Mourinho prepares to resume his long-standing rivalry with Pep Guardiola.