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'Gary Neville has an opinion on everything!' - Liverpool manager Klopp on what he has learned under lockdown

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp says the only new thing he has learned during coronavirus lockdown is that Gary Neville "has an opinion on absolutely everything".

The German boss has had to sit tight and wait for football to resume, with Liverpool just two wins away from the Premier League title, their first English league triumph for 30 years.

Klopp has been filling his days reviewing old matches on video as well as watching television and keeping up with football news, with pundit and former Manchester United defender Neville cropping up most days with views on seemingly every topic.

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Klopp told the BBC : "I didn't learn a lot during lockdown except Gary Neville has an opinion on absolutely everything! It's incredible! So no, I didn't learn a lot but I have known myself for 52 years.

"I know I can deal with difficult situations before and this is a difficult situation not only for me and my family but for everybody on this planet. I am quite proud of how we as a society are dealing with it.

"We as human beings are not perfect so we make mistakes but I think we have understood a lot more of how we are all connected to each other. That is something good."

Klopp has previously said he is looking forward to seeing social distancing measures relaxed, with a man famed for the bond he strikes up with his players admitting to missing physical contact.

He told BT Sport last week , when asked what the first thing he will do is when restrictions are lifted: "Probably something that isn't allowed still. Honestly, I would like to give them a proper hug! It's long ago since I saw them, I like them a lot.

"That would be cool, but probably not allowed! So we will leave that until later. We have to be professional from the first day. We have to check first the individual status, and when we know that then we can start."

Klopp, having guided Liverpool to the Champions League last season, has them on 82 points after 29 Premier League games this term, 25 ahead of second-placed Manchester City and requiring only two more victories - if and when football resumes in England.