F2Tekkz: The story behind the best FIFA 19 player in the world

Just over a year ago, a 16-year-old lad by the name of Donovan Hunt made a name for himself worldwide as he took down some of the world's best FIFA players and lifted the FUT Champions Cup in Barcelona on his debut.

You most likely know him better as Tekkz, the F2's professional FIFA player and current world No.1 in the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings.

During his first year as a pro, Tekkz has become one of the faces of FIFA esports and has dominated so far this season. EA Sports have offered more esports than ever before and Tekkz is yet to miss a single one.

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Better yet, Tekkz has reached at least the console semi-finals of every tournament he's entered and has taken the trophy home on three occasions: The November FUT Champions Cup, the PGL FIFA Cup and recently the FIFA eClub World Cup.

The youngster has already accumulated enough Global Series Points to qualify for the biggest tournament of the year, the FIFA eWorld Cup but Tekkz told Goal he has no intention of slowing down.

He said: "People wonder where I'm still finding the motivation but my favourite thing is going to tournaments and winning. Getting the recognition and reputation after lifting trophies, that's what drives me."

One other tournament he is certain to enter is the ePremier League which takes place later this year. The tournament, hosted by Gfinity, will see all 20 Premier League teams represented by two players in an enormous event in front of the TV cameras. For Tekkz, an opportunity to represent his boyhood team Liverpool was something he had to do.


Representing the F2 comes with its benefits, one of which is the fact that Tekkz can accompany the football-freestyling YouTubers on any video shoot and as a result, he was able to meet childhood hero Steven Gerrard.

If you've ever seen Tekkz play FIFA, you'll know that he's exceptional under pressure and that applies to real life too as he calmly slotted a penalty into the top corner in front of the Liverpool legend.

Gerrard is in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team but players tend to choose the likes of Ruud Gullit and Patrick Vieira over him. Everyone except Tekkz, who uses Gerrard as a super sub: "When I'm winning by a lot or losing by a lot, I sub him on and he does wonders. I use him in-game for motivational support. He supports me and makes the players around him play better. That's why he's in my team."

F2Tekkz's 25 million-coin Ultimate Team

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As well as performing under pressure, Tekkz is well known for using a variety of skill moves while most professional FIFA players opt for a safer playstyle. He believes it's his high-risk-high-reward style that makes him so dangerous.

He said: "I remember at the first tournament this season, the FUT Champions Cup in Bucharest, I was in the Xbox final against Ajax's Dani Hagebeuk.

"I was doing skill moves and then I messed up my shot but because I was doing skills he panicked and slide tackled me, taking me out and giving me a penalty. Whenever I do skills, my opponent panics and it keeps my attacking moves unpredictable."

Tekkz's growth over the last year has been incredible to watch and at just 17 years of age, he has a very bright career ahead of him. And he reflected on the life-changing last 12 months, before adding that he knows he can compete with the very best in FIFA 19.

He added: "Before Barcelona, I was just a normal person, going to college and waking up early every day, I hated it. I qualified for Barcelona, I went to the event instead of college and the rest has all been a bit crazy.


"Obviously I won my first event last year then sort of dropped off towards the end. I lost the last few tournaments, I was unlucky in them but I lost and in the knockout rounds there's no second chance.

"The good thing about this year is there's been more tournaments so say I was to be unlucky again, I'll have another tournament the next weekend to get back on track but so far I've managed to get to the semi-finals every time.

"I have experience now and know how to deal with different situations. Say I go behind, I won't panic as much. Now, when there's pressure on me while I'm playing, I enjoy it and I play better that way too.

"I love performing when I absolutely have to, I like being the hero. Although I wouldn't say I have any rivalries yet. When MSdossary and I played at Gfinity he obviously beat me but I think I was a little bit unlucky then. What people don't realise, to qualify you have to beat other pro players and he hasn't been qualifying for events.

"It's hard to get a rematch if I lose to anyone because they're not usually here at tournaments while I always am."