'Every club has fans that overstep the mark' - Coleman backs Benitez after Everton banner protests

Everton captain Seamus Coleman is convinced that Rafa Benitez will win over his doubters at Goodison Park, with the long-serving defender pointing out that "every club has fans that overstep the mark" following protests against the appointment of a Spanish tactician.

Given his strong ties to the Toffees' arch-rivals Liverpool, the arrival of a man that spent six years at Anfield on the opposite side of Stanley Park has come as something of a surprise.

His presence has not been universally well received by the blue half of the city, with some supporters creating a banner which read "We know where you live, Don't sign", but Coleman believes the tide will turn once competitive action in the Premier League resumes.

What has been said?

Coleman, who has been on Everton's books since 2009, has told RTE: "Every club has got some fans that overstep the mark in some regard.

"Some of the banners weren't ideal but I think that's a small minority.

"You don't know how old these people are, you don't know how connected they are to the football club. When things happen in football like this, these things come across as being very big news but you actually don't know, is that a small group of people? Is it one person? You don't know but it looks like it's the whole fan base.

"I know the Everton fan base are a good bunch of people. They're really respectful, really hard working, love their football club. I think it would be very unfair to judge the Everton fans on one banner or two banners. We don't even know how connected or how often they go to the games... we don't know anything about the people who put them banners out.

"We understand how the fans feel about their football club. There's been a bit of unrest among the fans, we understand that, but I also know Everton fans, I know how they work, I know that once the manager signs that contract they will back him 100%.

"Once he gets in the stadium they will back him."

Is Benitez the right man for the job?

Everton found themselves in the market for a new manager after seeing Carlo Ancelotti agree to take in a second spell with Real Madrid.

Various options were mooted on Merseyside, but Benitez is the chosen one to have landed a three-year contract.

He famously branded the Toffees a "small club" back in 2007, but much has happened since then and a man who has also spent time in England with Chelsea and Newcastle is considered to be a good fit for an ambitious but success-starved outfit.

Coleman said on opening another new chapter: "I'm going to speak to him over the next few days, we're back at work on Monday.

"I'm sure I'll catch up with him properly then. We'll get over there and work hard and try our best to be in his plans and see what the future holds for us all.

"He's got a track record of winning trophies which is good for players to see as well."

The Republic of Ireland international added: "When you've been in football for 12 years, very little shocks you anymore. It's a crazy game, things happen at the drop of a hat.

"The manager went. It was disappointing, but he's gone on now to do what he's going to do. I wish him the best.

"He was good to work for. Football moves on. Now we're talking about going into the new season with a new manager.

"Everton is my concern now, Real Madrid is his concern. I can only say that I learned a lot from him... we had a very good relationship and I'm thankful for that."

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