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Football Manager 2024 Touch, NBA 2K24 and the best sports games on Apple Arcade

With over 200+ games to play, Apple Arcade has no shortage of options for avid gamers.

Sports games are among the most popular categories and there is something for everyone, whatever your preference. Whether you're looking for a fun soccer sim, management game, basketball or even darts, Apple Arcade has you covered.

Here, GOAL takes a look at some of the best sports games to play on Apple Arcade.

Football Manager 2024 Touch

Football Manager is the undisputed king of football management simulation games, with unrivalled attention to detail and a vast array of leagues to challenge your coaching chops.

Football Manager 2024 Touch is a fantastic addition to Apple Arcade which will keep you going for days, weeks and even months, provided you are all-in on bringing Wrexham or whoever to the top table of football.

FM24 Touch boasts all the usual managerial tools, meaning you have complete control over transfers, scouting, tactics, dealing with the media and so on.

This year, there are three different game modes you can try: Original, Real World and Your World. We recommend trying Your World at least once, with the future course of the game well and truly uncharted.

NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition

NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition is a seriously impressive basketball sim packed full of game modes and customisation options. Whether you fancy playing quick games that match the NBA season or you want to bring the game's GOATS to the blacktop, there is something to suit all players.

You can take control of endorsement deals and breathe life into your own avatar in MyPlayer, with the option of unique tattoos as well as prime equipment. Arcade Edition may be a scaled down version, but it boasts tremendous depth nonetheless.

Ballistic Baseball

Ballistic Baseball is a celebration of The Great American Pastime on Apple Arcade, where your baseball strategies are put to the test.

As well as head-to-head games, you can now play Career Mode on the game, meaning you can bring your team to the Big Leagues, with training points and unlockable players. You'll be able to earn XP and customise the look of your players too.

Skate City

Skateboarding is now a part of the Summer Olympics and Skate City on Apple Arcade is the perfect game to get yourself into the mood for mastering the tricks of the trade.

Skate City will take you to skate capitals like LA, Oslo, Barcelona and Tokyo, with challenge modes and, of course, the opportunity to customise your board.

Oh, and there is a kick-ass soundtrack too - what's not to like?

Pro Darts 2024+

Grow from a Rookie to a Legend on the board on Pro Darts 2024+. You can do Quick Play games and leagues, or, if you are up to it, tournaments.

There are 10 different darts boards to play on, including American and Yorkshire, with a practice mode available so you can hone your skills.

Nikelodeon Extreme Tennis

Move over Roger Federer, SpongeBob and Co. have arrived on the court.

Nikelodeon Extreme Tennis does exactly what it says on the tin: your favourite characters from the Nikelodeon universe go head to head in games of extreme tennis!

You can play with iconic figures such as Garfield, SpongeBob, Angelica and more across a range of locations, including the TMNT rooftops and Bikini Bottom.

Charrua Soccer

A throwback arcade football game, Charrua Soccer is a simplified soccer game for casual players, with shades of classic games such as Virtua Striker and Sensible Soccer.

Whether you want to play friendly games yourself and against friends, or you fancy your chances in a tournament, Charrua Soccer has a game mode for you.

There is a party mode, so you can have fun with friends, while there are options to play men's, women's or mixed games, and Career Mode will keep you busy plotting success.