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Adidas Predator Mania: Beckham's iconic 2002 boots set for re-release

Adidas will re-release their famous Predator Mania boots on Wednesday, 15 years after they were first brought out for the 2002 World Cup.

The Mania was perhaps the most popular version of one of the most well-known series' of boots ever released, with Adidas putting out 12 different models of the shoe across 19 years.

They featured six of the iconic rubber strips that became associated with the Predator brand as well as the eyecatching bright red tongue held down by a strap pulled over the front of the boot and below the studs.

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With only a limited number of the re-release boots available, they are sure to be in heavy demand. Here's everything you need to know about their rollout.


The Predator Manias will be available to buy on the Adidas website and at selected retailers, but will be in limited supply. They go on sale in the UK at 09:00 BST on Wednesday.

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They are just one part of a release dubbed the 'champagne pack' by Adidas, with new versions of their modern ACE, X and Copa lines also going on sale in the same colour scheme.


David Beckham Adidas Predator Mania

They're pricey. The Predator Mania boots will cost £250 in the UK - more than double their £120 price point when originally released in 2002 - and so will the ACE and X models. The Copas are a little cheaper at £170.

In the US, the Predators are $330 and the ACE and X shoes are a touch lower at $320. It's $220 for the Copas.


For this release the Predator Manias are only available in the champagne colourway, which was worn by David Beckham at the World Cup in 2002.

Back when they were originally brought out, the boots were available in a number of different schemes. As with every Predator, they were first released in black and red but there was also a gold variation on the champagne style and a special, limited edition blue pair worn by Japan midfielder Alex.

"The champagne colourway was one of Adidas Soccer’s most iconic for our most iconic boot, the Adidas Predator Mania," the company's vice-president of design, Sam Handy, said.

"With the new Adidas champagne pack, we’ve been able to fuse a classic colourway with our modern on-pitch and off-pitch innovations, giving it the modern twist that we know soccer lovers want."


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Just about all of Adidas' top players in 2002 wore the Predator Manias, including Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Raul, Alessandro Del Piero and Steven Gerrard. The re-release has been promoted by recreating the poster featuring Beckham with a bright red tongue, mimicking the tongue of the boot.

Giving a glimpse of what was to come, James Rodriguez was spotted training in the re-release versions back in December of last year. James has continued to wear his usual X boots, however, in matches.


As Handy mentioned, the classic design of the Predator Mania has been combined with Adidas' newest boot technology to create an updated shoe to the one that was released back in 2002.

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Whereas the original boots were made of kangaroo leather, in this case only the tongue is made of actual leather. The rest of the upper is made of synthetic leather designed, along with the Sprintframe outsole seen on the ACE boots, to create a more lightweight product.