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Mallorca v Atlético Madrid Live Commentary, 09/11/2022

1 - 0
V. Muriqi (16)
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Atletico are now winless in their last five games in all competitions, and it means they go into the World Cup break sixth in LaLiga. They do have one more outing before then though, as they travel to Almazan in the Copa del Rey. Mallorca are unbeaten in four as they rise to 10th. They're also in Copa del Rey action at the weekend against Autol.
Mallorca hold on to beat Atletico 1-0 thanks to Muriqi's first-half goal. It was poor defending from the visitors which led to the breakthrough, with Oblak pushing away Sanchez's long-range effort and Mallorca keeping it alive for Muriqi to slot in from close range. Morata thought he'd equalised five minutes later, but it was ruled out by VAR for a tight offside. Atletico pushed in the second half, with Rajkovic making some great saves to protect his clean sheet, and they couldn't find a way through.
S. Savić
Yellow Card
Atlético Madrid
90' + 6' Correa is the latest player to go into the referee's book for dissent.
90' + 5' SAVE! Griezmann fizzes a dangerous cross into the six-yard box and Raillo hooks it away. Witsel goes for the spectacular with a long-range overhead kick, but it's blocked by Copete. Correa challenges for it and nods it on goal, but Rajkovic holds it.
M. Valjent
Yellow Card
90' + 3' Valjent was booked for time-wasting after Grenier's yellow card, and he's also going to be missing the game against Getafe in December.
C. Grenier
Yellow Card
90' + 3' Grenier slides in with a late challenge on Reguilon, and he's shown a yellow card.
F. Russo
G. González
90' + 1' Final change for Mallorca now, and it's Gonzalez that's going off for Russo.
89' Muriqi has scored in each of his last five games in LaLiga; it's the best active scoring streak in the top 5 European leagues.
Abdón Prats
V. Muriqi
87' Muriqi is taking his time to leave the pitch, and he goes off to a standing ovation as the goal scorer. Prats replaces him for the last few minutes.
86' WHAT A SAVE! Gonzalez commits himself as he slides in to try and block the throughball to Griezmann, but he misses it. The Frenchman puts another brilliant cross in from the left and it looks like Morata has equalised with his first-time volley, but Rajkovic smothers it.
85' Mallorca look tired, but they're still showing a huge threat when they break on the counter. Ndiaye bursts through the middle again before laying it off to Costa on the left this time. He curls a cross to the far post towards Muriqi, but Witsel gets a vital touch in front of him.
83' GOOD SAVE! Mallorca break quickly on the counter with Ndiaye through the middle. He plays a one-two with Muriqi, continuing his run, so he can get it back on the edge of the six-yard box, but his first-time shot is smothered by Oblak, who made himself big.
82' SAVE! It's better from the visitors here as Griezmann swings a dangerous cross in from the left. It's just out of Witsel's reach as he leans forward, but Morata is waiting behind him. He glances it towards goal, but Rajkovic holds it on the line.
80' Atletico look out of ideas every time they go forward now, despite still getting a lot of players into the box. There are three in there this time, but Reguilon's cross is a poor one and Raillo comfortably clears his lines.
78' Lemar is allowed to carry the ball a long way and he drifts out onto the left before lifting a good cross into the box. All of the Atletico players in there crowded towards the near post, and it's over them for Costa to clear on the far side.
76' It's a lovely dinked pass by Llorente to take Costa out of the game and Correa brings it under control with a good first touch. His second is too heavy though and it rolls straight out of play.
74' Atletico are still dominating possession here, but it's all in front of Mallorca. They're really struggling to create anything, and the hosts look fairly comfortably at the moment.
A. Ndiaye
Antonio Sánchez
72' And Sanchez is also going off, with Grenier replacing him.
Ruíz de Galarreta
Yellow Card
71' Gonzalez sells Battaglia short with a pass, and Ruiz de Galarreta fouls Correa in an attempt to make up for the error. He's booked, which means he'll miss their LaLiga game after the World Cup through suspension.
R. De Paul
Atlético Madrid
69' And De Paul is also making way, with Koke replacing him.
Atlético Madrid
69' Atletico are making their final two changes now. Reinildo is the first to go off, with Reguilon coming on to make his first appearance for the club.
67' The hosts have a rare chance to break and Raillo makes an overlapping run past Lee down the left. It's the defender that swings a cross in for Mallorca, but it's collected by Oblak.
65' Mallorca are still dropping deeper into their half as Llorente swings another cross in from the right. It bounces kindly in front of De Paul, who takes the shot on the half-volley, but he pokes it wide.
63' Muriqi lands heavily on his back after an aerial challenge, and he's receiving treatment. It also allows Mallorca a breather after Atletico's recent spell of pressure.
61' Atletico are still dominating possession and they're keeping Mallorca penned back in their own half. De Paul finds himself in a pocket of space on the edge of the box, but his curling shot is straight at Rajkovic.
T. Lemar
Y. Carrasco
Atlético Madrid
59' Atletico are making their second change of the game here. Carrasco is taken off, with Lemar replacing him.
57' SAVE! Reinildo steps it to stop Ruiz de Galarreta's run and the space suddenly opens up for Atletico. Griezmann picks out a good throughball to Morata this time and he drills a low shot on goal, which Rajkovic scrambles to push away.
55' The visitors are still struggling to break down an organised Mallorca side as Griezmann drops deeper to get on the ball. He looks to feed it through for Morata, but he can't spin past Raillo to reach it.
53' Atletico are forced to work it back to their own keeper after another attack falls apart, and Oblak puts the pressure on Reinildo with a loose pass. Sanchez nicks it off the defender, who then does well to stop a shot from heading towards goal.
51' WIDE! It's a wonderful team move from Mallorca as they pass it out of their own box, working it out to Lee on the left. He clips a good cross into Muriqi, who is unmarked in the middle again, but he thumps his header wide of the near post.
50' Atletico are still rushing their final ball into the box here as Llorente whips it in, but Witsel wasn't expecting it. It flashes past him and Mallorca patiently work it out from the back.
48' A better start from Atletico here as it's crossed in Llorente on the far side and Correa nods it down from the far post. Witsel is completely unmarked in the middle and it bounces up invitingly for a volley, but he completely misses it.
46' Mallorca get us back underway for the second half!
R. Battaglia
I. Baba
46' There is a change for Mallorca at the break, and it's an expected one. Baba isn't coming back out for the second half after picking up an injury before half-time, so Battaglia replaces him.
Simeone already showed that he wasn't happy with his team's performance after half an hour by making an attacking substitution, and he'll be looking for a much better second half. Mallorca have executed their plan perfectly so far though, and they'll do everything they can to protect their lead after the break.
Muriqi's goal gives Mallorca a 1-0 lead over Atletico at half-time. It was a sloppy bit of defensive work from Atletico that led to the goal, with Oblak not getting enough distance when pushing away Sanchez's shot before his defenders were left static and Muriqi slotted in from the edge of the six-yard box. Morata thought he'd equalised just five minutes later, but he'd just drifted offside and his brilliant finish didn't count.
45' + 1' Mallorca are playing the two minutes of stoppage time with 10 men as Baba made his way straight to the bench. Atletico are pushing for an equaliser before the half-time whistle, but they can't pick out a team-mate in the box.
44' Baba originally got up after a heavy tackle, but he's moving gingerly and quickly goes back down. The medical team are on to see it him, and he's not going to be able to carry on.
42' BLOCK! Mallorca win a free-kick on the left and Lee puts a good cross into the box, but Muriqi can only nod it back towards the edge of the D. He picks out Ruiz de Galarreta, but Witsel is in the right place to block his volley.
40' Atletico win a free-kick on the right and Griezmann steps up to take it. He tries to catch the keeper out by going for goal himself, curling it over the wall towards the near post, but it's a comfortable save for Rajkovic.
38' It's Witsel that decides to go long this time when Atletico can't pass their way through, but he gets too much on the pass intended for Correa. Copete shields it out of play, and gets a shove in the back for his trouble from the substitute.
Lee Kang-In
Yellow Card
36' Lee is on the spin, looking to bring down Sanchez's cross, and he doesn't realise Felipe is behind him. He kicks the defender instead, and he's shown a yellow card.
35' Lee steps up to take the free-kick that he won just outside the D, but Atletico have a five-man wall in his way. He doesn't get enough height on his cross, and it's blocked.
R. De Paul
Yellow Card
Atlético Madrid
34' Lee's first touch is heavy, and De Paul sees a chance to win it. He kicks the winger in the process though, and he's protesting his innocence, but he's still shown a yellow card.
32' For all of Atletico's possession, they're struggling to find a way in behind Mallorca. They're knocking it around nicely in midfield until Baba steps in, and Correa brings him down in an attempt to win it back.
Á. Correa
N. Molina
Atlético Madrid
30' Simeone has already seen enough, and he's making an attacking change to try and get his team back into this game. Molina, who is on a booking, goes off for Correa.
28' Savic finds himself in a very advanced position and he's stretching to try and bring down Carrasco's whipped cross from the left. Raillo gets across to nudge him out of the way and the defender goes down holding his face, but he doesn't need treatment.
I. Baba
Yellow Card
26' Morata holds his ground as Baba gets tight to his back, but goes down after getting an accidental kick to the calf. There wasn't much in that, but Baba is shown a yellow card.
24' It's another good move by the hosts down their right side, with Sanchez drifting past Carrasco before putting an early cross into Muriqi. He takes the shot first time despite having nobody around him, and it sails high over the bar.
22' NO GOAL! It's a tight one for VAR to have a look at, but the lines come out and it shows that Morata was just leaning past Raillo into an offside position. It is literally the slightest of margins, but his goal won't count! Still 1-0 Mallorca!
21' MORATA EQUALISES! Or does he? De Paul has acres of space on the halfway line and he plays a great throughball to the edge of the box for Morata to run onto. Rajkovic rushes off his line to close him down, but the Spaniard coolly lifts it over him and into the back of the net. VAR is just having a look at this though...
20' Mallorca try to break quickly after another good spell of possession by Atletico. Valjent intercepts Carrasco on the edge of the box before looking for Sanchez, but his heavy touch flies straight out.
18' Atletico are looking to have a quick response to going behind, and they have a free-kick on the right after Muriqi fouls De Paul. He swings it into the box, but it's comfortably cleared by the hosts.
Jaume Costa
16' It looked like Costa was originally setting himself for a shot. He didn't catch it right, but still managed to sneak it past two Atletico defenders to set up Muriqi.
V. Muriqi
16' MURIQI SCORES! Sanchez is a long way out when he decides to have a shot from range, but his low effort is on target and Oblak bundles it away. Raillo touches it to Costa before he's brought down by Molina, and he scuffs a cross into Muriqi, who is left with a simple tap-in from the edge of the six-yard box. 1-0 Mallorca!
N. Molina
Yellow Card
Atlético Madrid
15' Lee has acres of space to run into, and Molina sprints back to try and stop his run. He wrestles the winger to the floor from behind, making no attempt to play the ball, and is shown the first yellow card of the game.
14' Reinildo lifts it in from the left but it's a poor clearing header from Copete on the edge of the box. He gives it straight to Witsel, but Lee wants it more and breaks on the counter for the hosts.
12' It's a lovely flick from Muriqi to pick out Ruiz de Galarreta and it opens up Atletico's compact defence. He curls it into Gonzalez on the far side of the box and he cushions a header down for Muriqi, but his volley rolls out for a throw-in.
10' CHANCE! It's better from Atletico here as it's spread out to Morata on the right, and he drills an early cross into Griezmann. He needs a touch to get it out of his feet before he fires towards the near post, but a deflection helps it over the bar.
8' Atletico have lost just two of their last five away games against Mallorca in LaLiga (W2 D1), after losing their previous three matches on the road against them in the competition.
6' Atletico attempt to go for the more direct route to goal again, with Felipe looking for Morata with the long ball this time. Just like before though, he'd drifted into an offside position, and another chance goes to waste.
4' It's a good spell for Mallorca this, as they patiently try to play their way upfield. Valjent spins before fizzing it down the left for Sanchez to chase, but there's too much on it for him, and he can't keep it in.
2' There's a lot of early possession for Atletico here, but they're struggling to pass their way through Mallorca. So, Savic decides to go long to try and pick out Morata, but he just set off too early.
1' Griezmann gets the game underway for Atletico!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Mallorca have won their last two games against Atletico in LaLiga, after winning just one of their previous eight against Los Rojiblancos in the competition before that (D3 L4).
Diego Simeone also makes two changes to his team from their draw with Espanyol at the weekend, with Felipe and Witsel both coming into the side. Geoffrey Kondogbia misses out through injury, while Jose Gimenez is suspended, as is Joao Felix, who has scored their last three goals in the competition.
Javier Aguirre makes just two changes from the side that beat Villarreal last time out, bringing Raillo and Sanchez into the starting line-up. Nastasic drops to the bench, while Dani Rodriguez misses out after accumulating five yellow cards.
ATLETICO MADRID SUBS: Angel Correa, Thomas Lemar, Ivo Grbic, Sergio Reguillon, Mario Hermoso, Matheus Cunha, Antonio Gomis, Koke, Carlos Martin, Sergio Diez, Saul Niguez.
ATLETICO MADRID STARTING XI (4-4-2): Jan Oblak; Nahuel Molina, Stefan Savic, Felipe, Reinildo; Marcos Llorente, Rodrigo de Paul, Axel Witsel, Yannick Carrasco; Antoine Griezmann, Alvaro Morata.
REAL MALLORCA SUBS: Braian Cufre, Leo Roman, Angel Rodriguez, Franco Russo, Matija Nastasic, Tinotenda Kadewere, Lago Junior, Amath Ndiaye, Clement Grenier, Rodrigo Battaglia, Dominik Greif.
REAL MALLORCA STARTING XI (5-4-1): Predrag Rajkovic; Giovanni Gonzalez, Martin Valjent, Antonio Raillo, Copete, Jaume Costa; Antonio Sanchez, Inigo Ruiz de Galarreta, Iddrisu Baba, Lee Kang-In; Vedat Muriqi.
Atletico's form has stuttered in recent weeks and they've dropped to fourth place after Athletic Bilbao's win yesterday. They're winless in their last four outings in all competitions, and after crashing out of Europe due to a 2-1 loss to Porto last week, they drew 1-1 with 10-man Espanyol last time out. Mallorca have seen an upturn in their recent form, going unbeaten in their last three matches (W2 D1), which ended a four-game winless run. They've only won once at home this campaign though, seeing off Almeria 1-0 in mid-September.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the LaLiga meeting between Real Mallorca and Atletico Madrid at the Son Moix!