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Key Events

G. Xhaka
Gabriel Martinelli
3 - 1
Red Card
Gabriel Jesus
2 - 1
H. Kane
Penalty Goal
1 - 1
T. Partey
B. White
1 - 0

Match Stats

64% 35%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 9 3
Total Passes 565 307
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That win moves Arsenal four points clear of Spurs and Manchester City at the top of the table. Their attention now turns to the Europa League where they face Bodo/Glimt. Spurs lose their first Premier League game of the season but remain in third. The Champions League is up next for them, as they travel to Eintracht Frankfurt.
Arsenal extend their lead at the top of the table with a 3-1 win over 10-man Spurs in the North London derby. They started the first half brightly, with Partey breaking the deadlock with a brilliant curling shot into the top corner. Kane pulled Spurs level from the spot not long after though with his 100th Premier League away goal. Arsenal led again just four minutes after the break, with Jesus pouncing on Lloris' spill to poke in from close range. Emerson was sent off for a bad challenge on Martinelli before Xhaka wrapped it up for the hosts.
90' + 4' CLOSE! Martinelli goes for goal from the resulting free-kick and he lifts it over the wall, curling it towards the far top corner. It looks like Lloris has it covered, but it lands on the roof of the net.
E. Dier
Yellow Card
90' + 3' Nketiah is away from Dier and the defender wraps an arm around his shoulder to drag him back. He's protesting his innocence, but he's shown a yellow card.
90' + 2' Spurs are too casual on the ball inside their own box and Tomiyasu wins it back. He can't sort his feet out quickly enough to pick out Nketiah though, and Dier scrambles it away.
90' GOOD SAVE! Tierney has acres of space down the left and he decides to have a go from range. It's swerving towards the far bottom corner, and Lloris gets down quickly to push it wide.
T. Tomiyasu
B. White
89' The final change for Arsenal sees Tomiyasu come on to replace White for the last few minutes.
87' Spurs just can't get out of their own half at the moment as Vieira pushes forward down the right this time. His cross is blocked for a throw-in, but Arsenal are in no hurry to get the ball back in play.
Gabriel Martinelli
Yellow Card
85' It's a late challenge from Martinelli on Doherty, and he's shown a yellow card.
84' Spurs have now been shown five red cards at the Emirates Stadium in the Premier League, their most at any away venue in the competition.
82' Saka manages to get a yard of space on Sessegnon and clips a cross into the box. A deflection off Sanchez takes it looping to the far post, but Martinelli can't make anything of it.
E. Nketiah
Gabriel Jesus
80' Jesus is also taken off and replaced by Nketiah.
Fábio Vieira
M. Ødegaard
80' Another double change for Arsenal now, with Odegaard the first to make way for Vieira.
W. Saliba
Yellow Card
78' It's a clumsy challenge from Saliba on Bentancur just outside the box and he's shown the first yellow card of the game.
77' Arsenal patiently work it out from the back again, switching it from left to right to try to open up Spurs. Xhaka slides it through for Jesus, but his pullback from the byline is blocked by Sanchez.
O. Skipp
P. Højbjerg
75' Final change for Spurs now as Skipp comes on in place of Hojbjerg.
74' Bissouma goes long for Kane, trying to get Spurs out of their own half, but Gabriel is also tracking the pass. Kane's frustration gets the better of him as he tries to get there first and Arsenal have a free-kick.
K. Tierney
O. Zinchenko
73' And Tierney comes on in place of Zinchenko.
A. Lokonga
T. Partey
73' Arsenal are making a double change of their own here. Partey, who opened the scoring, is replaced by Lokonga.
M. Doherty
Son Heung-Min
71' And Doherty is also being brought on for Son.
R. Sessegnon
71' Richarlison is also going off, with Sessegnon coming on to replace him.
Y. Bissouma
I. Perišić
71' Perisic is also making way, with Bissouma on for him.
D. Sánchez
C. Lenglet
71' Spurs are making a quadruple change here. Lenglet is the first to go off, with Sanchez on in his place.
69' Arsenal are on the attack again, with Xhaka looking to create something this time. He forces Jesus wide with the pass though and his cross deflects off Romero and into Lloris' gloves.
Gabriel Martinelli
67' Martinelli cut inside from the left, dragging the defender with him which opened up the space for Xhaka.
G. Xhaka
67' XHAKA SCORES! Partey drags Arsenal out of their own half before switching it out to Martinelli, and he gets to the edge of the box with a lovely bit of play. He touches it onto Xhaka, who has space ahead of him, and he coolly slots his shot under Lloris into the back of the net. 3-1 Arsenal!
65' Richarlison has dropped into the right wing-back slot until Spurs can make their substitution, and Martinelli wrongfoots him as he cuts inside. He whips a cross towards Jesus, but it's too high for him.
63' Martinelli stayed down after that challenge from Emerson, but after receiving treatment, he's back to his feet and he'll be able to continue.
Red Card
62' EMERSON IS OFF! Martinelli tried to skip past him down the right and Emerson was late getting across. He sticks out a leg, scraping his studs down Martinelli's ankle and the referee shows him a straight red card. Spurs are down to 10 men!
61' Only Erling Haaland (12) has been involved in more Premier League goals than Jesus (eight) this season.
59' Richarlison wrongfoots White before pulling it back to Hojbjerg just outside the box. He tries his luck from range again but fires this one high and wide of the target.
57' Arsenal look to Saka down their right again, and he whips a cross into the near post. Dier manages to flick it away ahead of Jesus, and Martinelli can't control it at the far post.
55' It's Spurs' turn to attack now as Son goes for the big switch out to Richarlison on the right. He peeled off the back of Zinchenko, but there's not enough on the pass and Partey cuts it out.
53' CHANCE! Saka touches it onto White, who made the overlapping run, and he lifts a good cross into the far post. Jesus is unmarked in the middle and he flicks a header just wide of the target.
51' Son swings in another good delivery from the corner and Ramsdale just manages to punch it away. He gets it as far as Hojbjerg on the edge of the box, and he lets it bounce before striking a sweet volley which is blocked by the crowd.
Gabriel Jesus
49' JESUS SCORES! What a start to the second half for Arsenal! Partey spreads it out to Saka on the right, and he cuts inside before curling a shot on goal. Lloris pushes it away and Romero's touch bounces back under the goalkeeper and Jesus is hovering to pounce on the loose ball and poke it into the empty net. 2-1 Arsenal!
48' Hojbjerg hooks it clear on the edge of his own box and Kane has space to run into down the right. He curls a great throughball into Romero, who finds himself high upfield, but Saliba gets across to stop him from picking out Son.
46' Arsenal get us back underway for the second half!
Arteta will be pleased with his side's performance at the beginning of the game, but they struggled to create chances after going ahead. He'll be looking for another quick start in the second half. Conte was a frustrated figure on the touchline and will be expecting a much better second half if they want the three points.
It's all square at the break, with Arsenal and Spurs drawing 1-1. The Gunners made a bright start to the game, putting Spurs under pressure from the first whistle. Martinelli hit the post early on and Xhaka also came close before Partey curled a brilliant strike into the top corner to give them the lead. Spurs grew into the game, and Kane pulled them level from the penalty spot with his 100th Premier League away goal.
45' Spurs are enjoying a good spell of possession here as they patiently work it upfield. They work it from left to right where Richarlison tries to clip in a cross, but it's blocked by Saliba.
43' GOOD SAVE! Odegaard weaves his way through midfield before switching it out to Jesus on the left. He cuts into the box, dribbling between three Spurs defenders before poking a shot towards goal, but Lloris smothers it.
42' Odegaard is caught on the ball and Spurs break quickly again. Kane carries it a long way upfield before squaring it into Emerson, but he'd just drifted offside.
40' Partey has scored his third Premier League goal for Arsenal, all coming at the Emirates and all opening the scoring. Indeed, the Gunners went on to win those previous two games.
38' SAVE! Spurs break quickly on the counter, with Son sliding it through to Richarlison. He helps it out to Perisic down the left, who clips a good cross into Kane. He outmuscles Gabriel to get his head on it, but it's straight at Rasmdale.
37' Saka sees another cross blocked down the right, but he wins a corner from it. His delivery from the set-piece is too close to Lloris though, and the keeper punches it away.
35' Perisic swings a corner into a very crowded six-yard box, but none of the players try to attack it. They don't need to though as it's heading straight in and Ramsdale scrambles it away.
33' Jesus drives through the middle, brushing aside two Spurs defenders in the process. Instead of touching it onto Martinelli in space, he ends up overrunning it and Dier makes a good interception.
H. Kane
Penalty Goal
31' KANE SCORES! He was made to wait to take the penalty while the referee spoke to players from both sides who were encroaching, but it didn't faze him. He sends his shot straight down the middle, while Ramsdale dived to his right, and Spurs are level. 1-1!
29' PENALTY TO SPURS! Richarlison's cross deflected off Ramsdale, but the keeper was well off his line and Arsenal were scrambling. Richarlison brought it back down and Gabriel slid in to try and stop him, bringing him down. The referee takes a moment before pointing to the spot.
28' CHANCE! Son spreads it out to Perisic, who is in acres of space down the left. He cuts inside and chooses to go it alone, but he ends up slicing his shot into the side netting.
26' Spurs are really struggling to get close to Arsenal as Zinchenko slides it through the middle. Jesus spins away from Emerson and Romero brings him down with a clumsy challenge, but nothing comes of the free-kick.
24' Richarlison decides to go long to try and get Spurs upfield, and he spots Son peeling off the back of Saliba. There's too much on the throughball though, and Ramsdale collects it.
22' Arsenal are back on the attack again and Saka makes a brilliant weaving run as he cuts inside from the right. He's trying to find space on the edge of the box, and he skips past three defenders before being stopped by Hojbjerg.
B. White
20' White was the last Arsenal player to join the attack and he just has to roll it into the space ahead of Partey.
T. Partey
20' PARTEY SCORES! And what a goal it is! Arsenal's patient play pays off as Saka touches it back to White, and he spots Partey in space through the middle. He runs onto it first time, side-footing the ball around Bentacur in front of him and into the top-right corner of the net. 1-0 Arsenal!
19' The hosts patiently work it upfield again, but Spurs are dropping deep into their shape now. They move it from left to right, but there's no space in the wide areas.
17' CLOSE! Partey lays it off to Xhaka and Spurs are slow to close the midfielder down. He finds space on the edge of the box before fizzing a low shot towards the far corner, but it rolls just wide.
15' Spurs look to break quickly again, with Romero going long for Kane through the middle. He drives into the box before drilling a low shot across goal and wide of the far post before the offside flag goes up.
13' GOOD SAVE! Son swings in a good free-kick from the right, and Dier gets enough on it to help it on. Richarlison pokes it towards goal first time on the stretch, but Ramsdale gets down to push it away.
11' Arsenal have lost just one of their last 29 Premier League home games against Spurs (W17 D11), and are unbeaten in their last 11 against them at the Emirates since a 3-2 loss in November 2010.
9' Arsenal are back on the attack, with Partey fizzing it through to Odegaard, who tries to cushion it into Saka's path. There was too much pace on the initial pass though and it hits him before rolling straight to Lloris.
7' Spurs are trying to string together enough passes to get out of their own half, but they're sloppy on the ball. Bentancur tries to slide it through to Son, but he sells him short and White comes away with it.
5' Spurs just can't cope with Arsenal's quick start here and Saka clips another good cross into the box, this time looking for Xhaka at the far post. It sails over his head, but he improvises with a scorpion kick that he sends wide.
3' OFF THE POST! Saka gets the better of Perisic down the right and swings a great cross into the box. It's just too high for Jesus, but Martinelli brings it down on the far side. He hits it on the half-volley and a deflection off Richarlison sends it against the near post.
2' Arsenal have been quick out of the blocks in this game, and they almost catch Spurs out with a long throw-in. Zinchenko puts it into the box and Xhaka flicks it on, but Romero sticks out a leg in front of Jesus to turn it over the bar.
1' Hojbjerg gets the game underway for Spurs!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
This is the first Premier League North London derby with either side top of the table since December 2007, with league leaders Arsenal winning 2-1 at the Emirates. If Spurs win, it will be the first time in top-flight history that either side has beaten the other to replace them at the top of the table.
Antonio Conte makes three changes from the win over Leicester two weeks ago. Son, who came off the bench to score a hat-trick in that game, returns to the side, with Romero and Emerson also coming in. Lloris is also fit enough to start after missing the international break with a thigh problem. Sanchez and Sessegnon start on the bench, while Dejan Kulusevski misses out due to a hamstring injury.
Mikel Arteta makes just two changes to the side that beat Brentford last time out. Zinchenko and Odegaard return from injury to start, with Partey also deemed fit enough to retain his place after returning from the international break early. Vieira and Tierney drop to the bench.
TOTTENHAM SUBS: Pape Sarr, Matt Doherty, Davinson Sanchez, Ryan Sessegnon, Oliver Skipp, Yves Bissouma, Djed Spence, Fraser Forster, Bryan Gil.
TOTTENHAM STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Hugo Lloris; Cristian Romero, Eric Dier, Clement Lenglet; Emerson Royal, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Rodrigo Bentancur, Ivan Perisic; Richarlison, Son Heung-Min; Harry Kane.
ARSENAL SUBS: Takehiro Tomiyasu, Matt Turner, Albert Sambi Lokonga, Fabio Vieira, Rob Holding, Marquinhos, Kieran Tierney, Reiss Nelson, Eddie Nketiah.
ARSENAL STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Aaron Ramsdale; Ben White, William Saliba, Gabriel Magalhaes, Oleksandr Zinchenko; Thomas Partey, Granit Xhaka; Bukayo Saka, Martin Odegaard, Gabriel Martinelli; Gabriel Jesus.
Arsenal sit top of the table coming into this game and bounced back from their 3-1 defeat to Manchester United in style with a comfortable 3-0 victory over Brentford last time out. That loss to United is the only time they've dropped points this season in all competitions so far, winning their other seven matches. Spurs have the chance to leapfrog their North London rivals in the table with a win here today. They're unbeaten in the Premier League so far (W5 D2), and also bounced back last time out, beating Leicester City 6-2 on the back of a loss to Porto in the Champions League.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Arsenal and Tottenham at the Emirates Stadium!