Could Ronaldo really lose his Portugal place? Fernando Santos' World Cup starting XI selection headaches

Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 2022Getty Images

“I started preparing a list with 55 names on it, and it was not easy, so imagine what it’s like having to choose 26,” Portugal boss Fernando Santos told reporters recently. “It’s very difficult, fortunately, for Portugal and for me.

“What would be bad would be having to select 26 but only having 20 or so players to choose from. It’s a headache, but it’s a good headache.”

What is even more of a headache? Picking a starting XI out of those 26 players who will fly to Qatar in November.

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Santos' legacy as a manager depends on his first-team selections, and many positions still remain up for grabs heading into the upcoming Nations League matches against the Czech Republic and Spain.

Portugal's defence is well-established, but beyond that, it's chaos.

Below, GOAL runs through Portugal's toughest starting line-up battles, including Cristiano Ronaldo's quest to finish his World Cup career in style...