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Invincible! Every team to win all six Champions League group games including Liverpool, Real Madrid & Bayern

No matter how many times Manchester City get drawn alongside Shakhtar Donetsk or one poor handful of minnows are drawn into a 'group of death', it's true that no game in the Champions League is an easy one.

That's not to say that we shouldn't expect the mammoth sides to pull off convincing wins - of course not - but when a team is fortunate enough to find themselves in Europe's elite competition, they'll do everything they can to cause an upset.

While trying not to sound too much like Pep Guardiola after managing a sickeningly easy victory, you've got to respect every side you face if you want to go far in the competition.

There are only 13 instances of teams going perfect in the group stages, which is a testament to how difficult a task it is. Two sides have joined this elite club in the last 24 hours, with Manchester City earning their membership card a day after Real Madrid pulled off the achievement for a third time.

So, grab the nostalgia pump and hook it straight to the veins - GOAL is on hand with those other flawless group stage runs.

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