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'Thomas can get very loud very quickly' - Chelsea boss Tuchel divides dressing room with methods, says Ramos

6:46 PM SGT 12/3/21
Thomas Tuchel Chelsea 2021
The striker, who worked under the German at Borussia Dortmund, liked his coaching style but admits it was not to everyone's taste

Thomas Tuchel "can get very loud very quickly and sometimes says things that hurt" according to one of his former players, Adrian Ramos; however, the striker was a big fan of the German's methods, even if some of his old team-mates were not so keen.

Tuchel coached at Borussia Dortmund for two years before moving to Paris Saint-Germain and now Chelsea, where his intense style has brought success and trophies, however, it has often led to difficult relationships with players and acrimonious departures.

Ramos, who played under Tuchel between 2015 and 2017, says that Tuchel never means anything personal when he criticises players, and his intensity is simply born of a will to win and a deep love of playing the game in the way he wants.

What did Ramos say about Tuchel?

Speaking exclusively to Goal, Ramos, who now plays for America de Cali in his home nation of Colombia, said: "Thomas is obsessed with football and places extremely high demands on his players, especially from a tactical point of view. Anyone who does not meet these requirements has a problem. Then Thomas can get very loud very quickly and sometimes says things that hurt.

"Unfortunately, it is normal that one or the other in this business quickly feels trodden on, but I never had the feeling that he was trying to attack someone personally with his criticism. I got on well with his style. Others don't. One thing is clear to me: if I become a coach one day, I will certainly not yell as much as Thomas."

What about Jurgen Klopp?

Ramos was originally signed for Dortmund by Tuchel's predecessor, Jurgen Klopp, however, he found himself out of favour quickly as the German side sunk to the bottom of the Bundesliga amid a nightmarish 2014-15 season.

Klopp guided Dortmund to safety but left at the end of the season. He moved to Liverpool where he has enjoyed immense success, leading them to Champions League and Premier League titles. Ramos, however, has not forgiven Klopp for his lack of faith, and feels he was made an example of when the whole team was underperforming.

He said of Klopp: "It was good in the beginning. He really wanted me on his team, but you know what kind of season it was. I thought I was in the wrong movie or some curse was on me. The season was a disaster.

"Unfortunately, after a few games, I hardly played anymore. Klopp trusted other players more. He said I wouldn't train well enough. Once he even removed me from the squad for sporting reasons. That was bitter.

"I felt it was unfair, after all, I wasn't the only player whose form was fluctuating. Yes, there are days when you don't hit the goal even in training. Is that why I am a worse player? No. It's about trust. Even though I learned a lot under Klopp, I only felt his trust at the beginning."

How do Klopp and Tuchel compare?

Ramos, now 35, has respect for both of his old Dortmund managers, but feels Tuchel is the better coach as he made training more enjoyable and had greater tactical nous than Klopp.

He said: "It is part of football that you have a better connection with one coach than with the other. I don't blame Klopp, the season was very tough for him too.

"With Thomas, the fun and learning factor were much greater for me. He taught us to bring more control into our game, but still get in depth quickly with possession. I liked his philosophy. He had already wanted to bring me to Mainz when I was at Hertha. That's why we were right on the same track."

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