SAFA boss Dr Danny Jordaan denies all rape allegations

Danny Jordaan, Chan, January 2014
Ignat Manjoo
According to Dr Jordaan's attorney, the Safa boss could soon be embroiled in a legal battle

The president of the South African Football Association (Safa) Dr Danny Jordaan has denied any allegations of rape pitted against him according to his lawyer Mamodupi Mohlala-Mulaudzi.

Jordaan was recently accused by singer and former ANC MP Jennifer Ferguson of allegedly raping her at a Port Elizabeth hotel 24-years ago. The revelations sent shockwaves throughout the South African football fraternity, but while Jordaan is unlikely to address the allegations personally, he has denied any wrongdoing through his lawyer.

Furthermore, Jordaan’s legal representatives have stated their willingness to fight the case in court should Ferguson pursue legal action.

"Our client denies all allegations that have been levelled against him by Jennifer Ferguson in the strongest terms. She did indicate she intends bringing criminal charges against Dr Jordaan. We welcome that because we believe it will be the appropriate forum to address this issue," Jordaan’s lawyer Mohlala-Mulaudzi told News24.

Meanwhile, the publication further reports that other alleged cases of rape against Jordaan have also emerged.

“In an interview with Radio 702, Journalist Faith Daniels had alleged that during a social gathering, a woman came forward to her and said Jordaan had attempted to rape her, but she "got away", the publication reported.

Ferguson further added in an interview with the radio station that there is one other alleged victim yet to come forth.

"The third person will come through in a protected identity. There are huge business and power interests that are being threatened. We are perceived as a honey trap, part of some hidden conspiracy. But we are guided by our own impulse to heal," she told Radio 702 host Karima Brown.

However, Jordaan’s lawyer told the publication that they would not address the other allegations made by the two women against the Safa boss. 

"They are faceless and we are not certain of their allegations. For now, we will address Ms Ferguson and her allegations," Mohlala- Mulaudzi said.

Nonetheless, on Wednesday afternoon Jordaan issued a statement through his lawyer, pleading innocence and explaining that his silence was due to a sense of empathy. 

"Ms Ferguson has alleged that Dr Jordaan raped her 24 years ago. Dr Jordaan denies that he raped Ms Ferguson," the statement read.

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"In light of the scourge of gender-based violence in this country and Dr Jordaan’s sensitivity toward the issue he had to consider carefully his response, if any, in public to the allegations made by Ms Ferguson. Dr Jordaan’s perceived silence in the face of such serious allegations is because of his empathy with the victims of gender-based violence. Dr Jordaan has, however, after careful consideration decided to assert his innocence. Whilst Dr Jordaan supports public debate as an essential tool to highlight the issue of gender-based violence, however, in this case there are two opposing versions that cannot be resolved in the media, or elsewhere, in substitution for a court of law.  Mediation, as suggested by Ms Ferguson, runs the risk that the public will perceive that there is a cover-up away from the glare of public scrutiny; and that there is one law for the powerful and another for the masses.

"We have accordingly, as his attorneys, advised Dr Jordaan that he must not participate in a public discourse of the allegation made against him by Ms Ferguson.

"From a legal viewpoint, serious allegations of the kind made by Ms Ferguson can only be ventilated in a court of law, where the rights of all parties are protected," the statement concluded.