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'Offensively, Ajax were 10 times better than Spurs' - De Jongh welcomes away goal rule abolishment

Coach Hendrik Pieter de Jongh has welcomed the decision by Uefa to abolish the away goals rule from European competitions, with the rule change being put into place in time for the start of the 2021-22 season. 

The away goals rule has been used for over half a century but will no longer decide knockout matches in Uefa club competitions, including the Champions League and Europa League.

"I find the new changes good since teams are playing home and away," de Jongh, who is former Swaziland coach, told Goal.

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"The rule worked in favour of teams that were relying on counter-attacks. For example, remember two years ago the match between Ajax and Tottenham Hotspur. 

"Spurs advanced to the final because of the away goal rule. Offensively, Ajax were 10 times better [than] Spurs, but in the final seconds, the latter scored and it changed."

What impact will the new rule have?

"The new rule will give teams an opportunity to attack more than sit back and rely on counter-attacks," de Jongh continued.

"We will now see better attacking football from teams since the more you score, the better your chance of making it to the next level of the competition.

"The changes will be good for offensive football, and good for the fans as well.

"I challenge Africa to follow suit and abolish the [away goal] rule as well."

The away goals rule has been in place since the 1965-66 season when it was used in the Cup Winners Cup.

There have been many advocating for its removal from Uefa club competitions for a while now, with the likes of former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger and Atletico Madrid head coach Diego Simeone having been against its use.

The general feeling has been that the rule was restrictive to those playing at home, especially in the first leg of knockout ties, with the view that scoring goals away from home almost counted for double.

Indeed, an official Uefa statement confirming the news that the away goals rule would no longer be used, actively highlights the fact there has been a reduction in home wins, and goals, in Uefa competitions.