Ex-Real Madrid star Drenthe releases rap single

Royston Drenthe Real Madrid
Getty Images
The Netherlands international has linked up with producer JiandroBeats to release 'Paranoia' under his new stage name of Roya2Faces

What do you do as a footballer if, by February, you have failed to find yourself a club for the season? Well, if you're Royston Drenthe, you concentrate on your burgeoning rap career!

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The former Real Madrid and Everton winger has been without a club since leaving Emirati club Baniyas in July, and with no suitable playing offers incoming, he has instead turned to music to fill his time.

The Netherlands international has previously featured on tracks for other artists, but his new single 'Paranoia' marks his debut as Roya2Faces, with the track produced by JiandroBeats.

At 29, Drenthe still has plenty of playing years in him, but it seems for the time being he is going to be concentrating on spitting rhymes rather than bamboozling full-backs.

What do you think of Drenthe's rap potential? Check out the video above and have your say in the comments!