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Amizal blames outside influence wrecking Perlis' plans

4:59 PM SGT 8/2/19
Datuk Amizal Shaifit, Perlis
The Perlis FA president continues to put the blame on the wave of negativity built externally that has caused his team to suffer financially.

Perlis FA are working to fight back on the financial troubles they are currently in following a fruitful discussion with Malaysian Football League on Thursday, where PFA president Datuk Amizal Shaifit met with MFL's chief executive officer, Kevin Ramalingam.

The northern club is under sharp focus following allegations that they owe salaries of their 2019 Premier League squad having missed one month of payment and with the second month's deadline coming up. They could lose key players brought in, should they fail to pay up soon.

Amizal heads the new management that took over Perlis but assumed also previous problems with salary arrears for which they must also bear. However rather than properly building a new team, Amizal and Manzoor Azwira went big with their signings for the new season and now are seemingly struggling to cope.

"We will send all required documents on Perlis' finances before February 15. MFL are always in constant contact with us to check on the team and we have no issue to comply with their instructions. The trouble that Perlis is facing isn't MFL's fault. But rather it is PFA's problem as we the plans that we have arranged aren't what we planned for at the start." 

"MFL's decision to promote Perlis to the Premier League is the right decision. At that time we had a clear plan but unfortunately problems started arising after we were promoted as that attracted negative things which impacted the plans," said Amizal in a press release from MFL.

There was also talk that Amizal was rumoured to have told the players that he was trying to attract to the club, that he already have RM15 million on hand and will not have any issue covering the team without funding from MFL in the first season.

That all looked like sales talk to attract the players as Perlis could see their MFL funding being used to directly pay the players. MFL's board could even hand stiffer punishment should they deem Perlis not worthy any longer of being part of the Premier League.


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