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'Everyone watches it and everyone wants to go' - Why the World Cup is the ultimate moment of celebration

5:00 PM SGT 6/11/22
World Cup Trophy
It doesn't really get any better than the World Cup when you love football and some of the greatest ever wholeheartedly agree

Everybody loves the World Cup.


Whether it's fans watching the game on TV, supporters travelling across the world to watch matches in person, or players living their dream and actually making it out on the pitch.

Once every four years, everyone gets excited as the ultimate showpiece in football is around the corner.

And after Russia hosted the 2018 edition, this time around it's Qatar having the honour of welcoming the very best teams in the world.

A truly special occasion and one that stars of the past have nothing but fond memories of!

  • Romario Dunga Brazil World Cup 1994


    "It seems as if the World Cup [trophy] always comes our way at the right time," the Brazil legend reminisces.

    "The right time to reunite the people and put a smile on their faces, while respecting each and every form of thinking.

    "That’s what the World Cup reminds us: now we share the same team and we remember we’re not enemies."

  • Yakubu Ayegbeni

    Yakubu Aiyegbeni

    "Everyone is talking about the Qatar World Cup," Yakubu stresses.

    "Everyone is looking forward to the World Cup to begin with.

    "You dream of going to the World Cup. Every four years, you want to be there. It’s like a dream come true."

  • Carli Lloyd USWNT 2021

    Carli Lloyd

    "The World Cup is...," the USWNT legend starts.

    "I mean, there is nothing bigger and better."

  • Hristo Stoichkov

    Hristo Stoichkov

    "Fifa is doing something important: playing for peace," the Bulgaria icon muses.

    "That's essential. It doesn’t matter which country we’re from, what our skin colour is, or what religion we follow – we all chase after a football, which is sphere-shaped, and that means the whole world must be kind, united, embracing.

    "I honestly think that this World Cup will be amazing. This World Cup will be one of the best in ages. I think this World Cup will be very different and people will enjoy it a lot."

  • gereminjitap_Getty_21062019


    "You know, football is a kind of religion that brings everybody together," the Cameroonian states.

    "When there’s a positive result, it's a great thing.

    "So, for me, the World Cup is the biggest tournament in the world."

  • Paul Ince Ian Wright Paul Gascoigne England 1998

    Ian Wright

    "Just watching any captain lift the World Cup, for me is quite an emotional time because the journey for them to be holding the ultimate trophy is always quite a similar moment for me," Wright says.

    "It always makes me feel very emotional."

  • Aguero Argentina

    Sergio Aguero

    "If the richest man on Earth wanted to organise a similar tournament to Fifa, it wouldn’t even come close," the Argentine enthuses.

    "All of the work done by Fifa to make a World Cup so successful...

    "I think the impact that Fifa has, there’s nothing like it. I’ll always say to everyone that what Fifa does at the World Cup is something that, in my view, can’t be repeated anywhere."

  • Especial Copa América 100 años (wanchope 2001

    Paolo Wanchope

    "As always, I’m expecting a World Cup where everyone can enjoy themselves, no matter the results," the Costa Rica legend says.

    "That’s important. It’s important to enjoy the moment, the country and what the players do.

    "That’s what I’m expecting; that everyone can enjoy the World Cup. I expect that those who will be in Qatar will be able to enjoy the country, the matches, the great stages and the stadium, in the very best way."

  • Blaise Matuidi France 06072018

    Blaise Matuidi

    "It’s exciting because football is the biggest sport in France," the 2018 winner starts.

    "The French people live for football. You get the feeling that the country stands still during the World Cup and that’s great.

    "And I think that has a big impact on the French team, who will need it, the support of the whole country behind them."

  • Ronaldinho Brazil 30062002


    "Brazil go into every World Cup expecting to win - so when it is in Brazil, it is expected even more," the former Barcelona star insists.

    "You can't understand what the World Cup means to our country. Not just the fans and players, but everybody in Brazil lets us know that they expect it. Our president, people in politics, all tell us to come back with the World Cup.”

  • Lothar Matthaus Diego Maradona World Cup 1990

    Lothar Matthaus

    "We shall have good weather for football here in November,” he said.

    “I have played in California and I knew what it was like, I have played in Mexico and we knew how hot it was.

    "But here in Qatar in November, the weather will be beautiful for football. We’ll have a good football party here."