Bayern sack Tuchel GFXGOAL

Bayern Munich right to get rid of Thomas Tuchel but stay of execution will only prolong the suffering in never-ending 'horror film'

After Bayern Munich lost a third consecutive game for the first time in nine years, midfielder Leon Goretzka confessed that he felt as if they were trapped in a neverending "horror film". Well, it's now claimed its first victim, with the club revealing on Wednesday morning that coach Thomas Tuchel will leave the Allianz Arena at the end of the season.

The decision to part company with the coach comes as absolutely no surprise, of course. Tuchel's tenure was hanging by a thread even before last weekend's shock loss at Bochum. However, the decision to drag this out until the end of the season is puzzling. Clearly, finding a suitable replacement at this stage of the season proved impossible.

But one cannot help but question the wisdom of continuing with a manager mystified by the nature of Bayern's struggles - and at odds with some senior players. There is a very real fear, then, that Bayern's bosses have done nothing but prolong the agony for Tuchel, Goretzka and everyone else involved.

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