Junuzovic reveals reasons for failed Premier League move

Zlatko Junuzovic Werder Bremen
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The midfielder almost moved to England this summer but opted for a move to Austria from Werder Bremen instead

Red Bull Salzburg midfielder Zlatko Junuzovic has lifted the lid on his failed summer move to Brighton.

Junuzovic was wanted by the Seagulls and looked set to complete a move to the Premier League.

However, despite calling the competition "the best league in the world", Junuzovic says he did not want to unsettle his family, instead returning to his native Austria from Werder Bremen.

"I have always thought about switching to the Premier League because it is the best league in the world for me," he told Goal in an exclusive interview.

“I do not know a player who could not imagine playing there. In my free time, I like to watch the Premier League.

“But as you get older you can not even think of yourself as a footballer anymore. I have a family how and I need to include them in my decision-making.

“From an early age, it was my biggest dream to become a professional and to play in the German Bundesliga. I've done that, so I can be more than proud of my career so far. At this point, the Premier League just did not fit into my life."

The Austrian cited the philosophy of the Salzburg as a big reason as to why he wanted to make the move to the Red Bull Arena, the side having reached the semi-finals of the Europa League last season.

"For me, it was a landmark decision, because I asked myself the question of how I want to shape my life in the future. In terms of handling, language and philosophy of the club at Red Bull Salzburg everything just fit," he added.

"The standard and the conditions are outstanding here. With the current constellation in Salzburg I could not refuse."

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Junuzovic has enjoyed his time at Salzburg so far, naming Diadie Samasseekou as one of his favourite players at the club due to his visible enjoyment of the game.

"Their joy in playing is simply incredible. Especially Samasseekou is always laughing. The boys have a lot of talent, they do not think anything of each other and just start playing. They differ a little bit from the playground and their position.”