Sheffield Wednesday issue apology and launch investgation with South Yorkshire police after 'utterly deplorable' fans caught mocking memory of Bradley Lowery

Bradley Lowery Jermain DefoeGetty

Lowery was the brave young boy who tragically lost his battle with a rare cancer in 2017. Bradley, a devoted Sunderland fan, had been diagnosed with neuroblastoma at just 18 months old, and his inspiring story touched the hearts of people around the world.

The incident at Sheffield Wednesday's ground during a match between Wednesday and the Black Cats has sparked outrage. One of the fans was photographed holding up a zoomed-in picture of Bradley, dressed in his Sunderland kit, on his phone, while another fan was seen laughing.

"We roundly condemn this outrageous and utterly deplorable behaviour," a Sheffield Wednesday spokesman said. "We can only apologise for the undoubted distress caused to Bradley's family and friends."

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South Yorkshire Police have launched an investigation into the matter, and Wednesday have swiftly condemned the behaviour. A spokesperson for the club expressed their deep disappointment and offered apologies to Bradley's family and friends, describing the actions of the fans as "completely outrageous and utterly deplorable."

The Bradley Foundation, a charity founded by Bradley's mother in his memory, expressed their sadness at the incident on Facebook.

"Understandably people are angry, if I wasn't so upset I'd be angry too," they wrote. "Bradley was and still is well loved in the football community, which I'm eternally grateful for, but I must ask that everyone lets the police do their job, and deal with the low lives.

"I want to thank Sheffield Wednesday, for their quick condemnation, and the support their fans have shown. Like we always say, CANCER HAS NO COLOURS, and as we all know it can affect anyone at any time.

"Thank you all for your kind words, it has really helped and let's do what we do best at the Bradley Lowery Foundation and turn this negative into a positive. Let's share this beautiful iconic photo."