Javier Hernandez denies escorts were at pre-World Cup party

Javier Hernandez Chicharito Mexico 2018
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The West Ham striker has reacted to stories in Mexico that their pre-tournament party was a 24-hour event attended by over 30 VIP escorts

Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez has denied claims that more than 30 escorts were present at a party held by Mexico players ahead of the World Cup.

The El Tri squad celebrated their friendly win over Scotland with a party in Mexico City, which made headlines in the country due to claims of debauchery after TV Notas magazine published photos of eight players partying with women alleged to be escorts.

Hernandez was not mentioned in the magazine article, which revealed details of a 24-hour party where squad members "had a great time with music, drinks, games and women."

In a Facebook Live stream, Hernandez said that the party was for his 30th birthday and insists that 'there were never escorts or anything similar' at the event.

The West Ham striker was adamant that nothing inappropriate happened, defending himself and his team-mates from the allegations.

"It's a topic that I've wanted to talk about," Hernandez admitted. "There are a lot of things that are tiring. The truth is that it was a gathering to celebrate my birthday.

"They gave us the night off and the day off and we left the next day and that's what we did. They organised it for me and I invited all the players to come.

"They all came apart from Jesus Corona, the goalkeeper, because he had a personal issue and he apologised to me and all the squad. We ate together and then afterwards a lot of people arrived and every player left at the time they wanted to.

"Another thing that makes me embarrassed and laugh and that I have to talk about now it comes to mind is that there were never escorts or anything similar. That shows a lack of respect for the people that were there."

Mexico head coach Juan Carlos Osorio has backed up Hernandez's claims saying that the team is unified and that this would be the last time the allegations will be discussed, with El Tri now focusing on their World Cup preparations.

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"It seems to me that Javier's clarification, speaking on behalf of the group shows that the group is united and hopefully we can represent it in the field," Osorio said. 

"We have committed ourselves to strictly speaking about football and we hope that it will continue to be like that."

Mexico begin their World Cup campaign against Germany on June 17, before taking on South Korea and Sweden in Group F.