How to trade in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: Best coin-making tips and tricks

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FIFA Ultimate Team is all about building your dream squad. However, unless you can afford the players, that squad will only stay in your dreams.

You can spend real money to buy packs in the FIFA Store but many gamers trade on the transfer market to make coins and if done correctly, can earn you thousands or millions of in-game currency.

Trading may seem daunting at first, but there are some easy ways to get into it like the Bronze Pack Method or investing in Team of the Week players.

The simpler trading methods will make small profits, but follow Goal's expert guide to trading to make even more coins in FIFA 21.


  1. What is the Bronze Pack Method?
  2. What is sniping?
  3. Which players are best to trade in FIFA Ultimate Team?
  4. Which players are good short-term investments?
  5. Which players are good long-term investments?
  6. Which SBCs give the best pack rewards?

What is the Bronze Pack Method?

The 'Bronze Pack Method' has long been the most effective way of making a small profit in FIFA.

It's a low risk, low reward strategy, but is quite simple to do if you have the time to invest into listing and re-listing players on the market.

The steps are straightforward: buy the cheapest packs in the store and sell their contents.

Each basic Bronze Pack contains 12 items, including one rare item for 400 coins. They usually have around three or four players in them and you will use these players to make a profit.

Previous editions of FIFA sometimes had rare fitness cards which could be sold for around 1,000 coins, but fitness cards have been removed in FIFA 21.

Rare bronze players are now the most valuable commodity in bronze packs, particularly special players like Copa Sudamericana and Copa Libertadores players.

Usually, you can quick sell everything in the pack except players for around 30 coins and then if even two players sell for the lowest Buy It Now (BIN) price of 200, you will have made a profit.

Higher-rated players or players who have good links to leagues and nations can be worth more than 200, so use the Compare Price option or a site like FUTbin to check prices before listing your players.

You may have to keep listing your players over and over to get them to sell, but most players will sell eventually.

What is sniping?

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Many people list their players at a lower price than they are worth, either to sell them quickly as they need coins or else because of mistakes or not knowing the proper value of players.

As a result, you can sometimes pick up some bargains to add to your squad or to instantly flip at a higher price on the transfer market.

The best way of finding underpriced players is to use specific filters to repeatedly search the transfer market and buy them as soon as they are listed. This process is known as sniping.

You need to set a Buy It Now (BIN) price in the filter at the maximum price you are willing to pay and then search. If your search shows no results, search again and again until it does.

However, each time you search, you should change at least one of the filters (the minimum Bid Price is usually easiest) to make sure the search shows new results rather than the same ones as your previous search.

When your player finally appears as a search result, you need to be quick as someone else might be searching as well and could snipe before you!

Which players are best to trade in FIFA Ultimate Team?

Most traders make their profits on the transfer market from investing in a small number of players and selling them at the right times.

Trading the same few players over and over again allows you to get to know when are the best times to buy and sell and how much you should pay for each card.

The market fluctuates during the week and prices are usually highest in the evenings and at weekends when more people are online and are looking to improve their teams.

Prices are usually lowest overnight and early in the morning when people are sleeping and thus not playing FIFA 21.

When starting out, look at players in leagues you are familiar with already. This way, you know what players are popular, e.g. full-backs from the Premier League or forwards with high pace.

Some players with lower ratings are more popular than their higher-rated counterparts as their attributes, weak foot or skills are better suited to FIFA 21. As a result, these players can sometimes be listed cheaper than usual by people who only look at the overall rating and do not use the Compare Price function before selling.

Which players are good short-term investments?

Correctly predicting upcoming Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) is a good way to make a profit.

The easiest SBCs to predict are usually Marquee Matchups and Champions League Marquee Matchups. These require players from upcoming clashes in top leagues and the Champions League. The FIFA community on reddit, Twitter and the EA Forums often have discussions about which matches are most likely to be included.

For example, a Marquee Matchup SBC requiring a Manchester United player can increase the price of all Manchester United's players, particularly the lower-rated ones.

Additionally, predicting which players are in Team of the Week can be profitable. When a player is included in Team of the Week, their regular version is no longer in packs and this makes those cards rarer for the week while their In-Form card is in packs.

Similarly, Ones to Watch (OTW) card trading is very popular as people invest ahead of a player's games in the hope they have a good performance and they can sell during the initial hype period before the card gets automatically upgraded due to Team of the Week.

The best time to buy OTW cards is when they are left on the bench for their team's games or during a bad performance when it is obvious they will not be upgraded by the next Team of the Week release.

Which players are good long-term investments?

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Most players will not rise in price as the FIFA 21 season progresses. Each Team of the Week, Player of the Month SBC and promotional event such as FUTmas sees more and more high-rated players added to the game.

Therefore, people move on from their existing players and sell them on the transfer market, driving prices down across the board.

However, some players can prove to be good long-term investments in FIFA 21, especially if you are willing to tie your coins up in assets to make a small-to-medium profit weeks or months down the line.

Many of the lower-rated players in each Team of the Week (TOTW) can make you a profit in the future. Each player has a discard or quick sell price and often, the TOTW players with ratings 82 or lower will be available on the transfer market for just above their quick sell value.

This means that you can always quick sell the player for nearly 10,000 coins even if you only bought them for around that value initially. However, if you keep them in your club, their values will likely rise when they are no longer in packs, especially if a popular SBC requires people to submit a TOTW player.

Road to the Final (RTTF) cards may also see their price increase during the season as teams progress further in the Champions League and Europa League. Each time a player's team progresses to the next round, their RTTF card will be given an upgrade, which can make their value rise. Similarly, their value can also rise when the draw for each round is made as people look to predict the outcomes.

Which SBCs give the best pack rewards?

The best Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) for traders to complete are the ones which offer tradeable packs as rewards.

The various League SBCs used to very good for trading, but in FIFA 21 give untradeable packs, which cannot be turned into profit.

Now, the most useful SBCs to complete are Marquee Matchups and then any promotion-based SBC which is available for a limited time.

It is always worth checking the SBC solutions on FUTbin to see which challenges are affordable and which offer the best pack rewards. Each SBC also has a user rating where the website's members can give a thumbs up or thumbs down to indicate whether the challenge is worth doing or not.