Will Football Manager 2023 be on PlayStation 5?

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Football Manager 2023 is scheduled for release on November 8, 2022 and with the previous editions finding plenty of interest among football lovers, fans are expecting another hit from the franchise.

The 2022 edition of the game was released in November 2021 and managed to sell more than a million copies in PC/Mac platforms alone in less than a year.

If you're hoping to get the game for your console, particularly Sony's latest offering, the PlayStation 5, GOAL has all the information you will need.

Will Football Manager 2023 be on PS5?

Yes. On September 8, Sports Interactive confirmed that Football Manager 2023 would be available to play on PS5 when it is released.

While previous editions have been available to play on Xbox devices, this is the first time that Sony's flagship console will be able to run the game. The PS5 version of the game is called FM23 Console.

Back in 2020, Miles Jacobson, the gaffer at the game's designers Sports Interactive (SI Games), responded to a fan's query and tweeted the reason for the game's previous absence on the PS5. He said: "Our friends at Xbox have spent years asking for us to come back to their consoles. It's how both FM19 and FM 20 ended up on gamepass towards the end of the cycle, and now FM21 on Xbox One and Series X/S. Sony didn't."

Things have now changed though, and PS5 owners can join in the fun when the game drops on November 8.

What other consoles will FM23 be on?

Football Manager 2023 will also be available to play on PC, Mac, Xbox and via Apple Arcade. For the latter, gamers will be able to play on iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV.

The FM Console, Touch and Mobile editions of Football Manager 2023 will be launched on the same date as the PC/Mac version.

Football Manager 2023 Console and Football Manager 2023 Touch are expected to be cheaper than the full PC game, similar to last year's series.

Football Manager 2022 Xbox edition and Touch edition were priced at £29.99 in the UK and $39.99 in the U.S.

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